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Women's Good Health

An ordinary woman can take care of her family adequately and hence, it is important that she remains healthy to dispose of her regular duties properly. Here we have a few suggestions about the daily routine of a healthy woman.

1.Colours perform a crucial role in the life of a woman. They should keep red, yellow, green, blue coloured vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. They should strictly avoid junk food, fast food, chocolate and biscuits, prepared of fine flour. The more they eat coloured vegetables, the more is their free power strengthens. Fruits and vegetables supply enough antioxidants, which keep woman healthy and enhance her beauty.

2. Physicians say, for the complete health of a female, her mensural cycle should be regular and in routine as her entire health depends on it. Excessive bleeding, etc., are symptoms of the unhealthy body. If the complaint persists, be alerted and consult your gynaecologist. The cause of such problems could be anemia, cyst formation, diabetes, thyroid, fibroid, or the stress, that are not good for the health.  The routine medical help could regularize or normalize such bodily troubles. Many women get irritated due to infertility. Irregular mensuration could be one of the reasons behind it. But if the monthly cycle is normal, nothing can stop her to be a mother.

3. Many women although remain busy in their household duties but gain weight. Fat gets deposited around their middle and in turn, they get irritated. On being asked to exercise lightly or take a regular walk, they excuse themselves and maintain they have no time for the same and further add they do enough of the activities in their household chores and do not require the additional exercise.  They do not realize that the household chores are different and cannot dispense away with the regular exercise. The belly fat can easily get controlled with regular  15- 30 minutes of Kapalbhati and Bhastrika (bellow) yogic exercises. Maintain a healthy way of living by following the yoga and the pranayama in the life.

4. Take sprouted and other nutritive food and minimize intake of sugary items that add only calories and no nutrient elements. Alkaline foods in summers would save all diseases due to heat. Therefore take all  suggested greens: Spinach, Cucumber, Broccoli, Avacado, and Celery

5. Consume Daily 4 – 5 liters of water. It is good for intestine and digesting the food. Drink water only 40 – 50 minutes prior or after the meals. It will be good to rinse the mouth with water and get the teeth cleaned using floss or interdental brushes.

6. Water only 40 – 50 minutes prior or after the meals. It will be good to rinse the mouth with water and get the teeth cleaned using floss or interdental brushes.

7. Regulate your sleep and sleep as well get up in the morning about the same time.  For avoiding dark circles, around the eyes rest around 7-8 to hours at a stretch.  The digestive system regulates itself on having the proper sleep. Do not consume food giving less than 1200 calories a day. Otherwise, the metabolic regime of the body gets disturbed. Being overweight is alright if you are active enough and move about confidently in your daily affairs.

8. Take a good care of the eyes – before entering the sun put on sun goggles to get security from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Apply sunscreen to save oneself from skin sunburn. Wash your eyes with water before going to sleep a night.

8. Have yourself checked regularly once every six months for the health parameters of the lipid profile of the blood. Get your complete blood profile. Get the thyroid values tested if obese. It saves much botheration to get screening tests done and get checked for the diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV, Glaucoma and osteoporosis in the very beginning. Additional analyses might be needed based on your hazard circumstances.Perform breast cancer checkup at regular intervals. Mammography of the breasts under the advice of the doctors needs regular visits. Abnormal cells that turn to cancer need to be checked through the pap smear. Remain in touch with your doctor’s care for all the interval and age for tests and the way you feel.  The blood pressure parameter should get checked after the age of 65 years.

9. Bath invigorate the human being, and it is recommended to cook only after taking the daily shower. Keep your husband and doctor informed about any health problem.

10. Decorate the food while serving. Ensure the place to dine is neat and pleasing to the senses. The food should if eaten in a light mood with light and loose clothes on so that it is beneficial. All the human juices get secreted for the proper digestion. Inspire the children to follow the values in their lives given above.


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