Paralyzed Girl Runs $115 Million Company Will Make You Proud

People made fun of her on hearing of her launching a Point of Sales (POS) company. They said what can a paralyzed girl do! But she surprised them all and proved them wrong. Today Lisa Falzone owns a company with a turnover $115 million. She is about to launch an IPO worth one billion dollars. If she does that, she will become world’s first woman to have ever started a business with that staggering amount.

She is the co-founder of a company called the Revel System POS. She thought about the idea in 2010 lying on a bed with a broken backbone. She took a Management Course at Stanford University and graduated in 2013. One day, while leaving her home she toppled over and slipped on the staircase. The examination revealed a broken herniated disc. After the operation, she was unable to sit or stand. She got operated plus the physiotherapy continued for a year.

She started her business and named iPad POS company ‘ The Revel System ‘ conducts through the Apple iPad. She coordinates the business of Restaurant, Bar, Retail, Grocery, Food truck, Event Management, Mobile, Movies ticketing. The company has 400 plus employees worldwide.

She says that she does not like of lesser capacity, and that is why she is successful. She had always imagined of starting her own business but could not find the time to do so. And then suddenly she got the time lying on the bed. On getting the idea, she got jubilant.

Lisa has assisted the company to build decisive partnerships with Apple Computers as well as Intuit to formulate Quickbooks Point of Sale Powered by Revel Systems. Falzone was recognized by  Fortune Magazine as well as the Forbes list of Eight Rising Stars.

She got lauded as a young Female business person by the media from all over:  The San Francisco Business Times’ 40 under 40, Forbes 30 Under 30, The Business Insider ” 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech.”,  as no. 19 on the 40 Under 40 list of Fortune. Forbes Magazine recognized her in its 30 under 30 awards as well.(Forbes) In 2015,

Her business partners or their franchisees include Illy Coffee, Dairy Queen, Little Caesars Pizza, Tully’s Coffee,  Forever Yogurt, and Twistee Treat, and many others. Revel has associated with retail giants Belkin and Goodwill.


Falzone is a Stanford University graduate(2007). She stroked three seasons for Stanford, obtaining points at the Pac-10 Championships in all three years and attaining two conference titles as a part of the Cardinal swimming schedule in 2004 and 2005.


Falzone’s first job was coaching swimming lessons. She had internships which incorporated expertise marketing, human resources, venture capital, finance and the public relations. Her first job was to distributorship of a Brazilian Bathing Suit Company. After damaging her, disk Falzone commenced a blog that published motivational quotations by the well-known business persons. It was during her blogging she met business partner Chris Ciabarra. Together they created iPhone app that dealt exclusively procuring an order from a menu and pay for the same. Later on together, they created Point Of Sale for the Revel system. She became the CEO of the company in 2010. In 2015 she got recognized for a profitable startup company.

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In her interviews, she conveyed that her rise in the business world is a result of vitality she experienced as a swimmer. The skills to compete and fight against the odds of stress in sports made her that she is today. She said that it is to go on and work tirelessly and reach the goal set. The team spirit guided to work as the partner in the real time world. To take a decision, she learned to listen to demands and needs of others. She believes the business leaders like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson inspired her to gather experience at various levels and forge ahead in her organization. It was during her internship with different companies that she got exposed to different experiences and learned the art of being a business leader that she is today.

To the other questions, she confidently explained that women should not feel afraid at any stage. They should remain confident as they have the natural ability and possess acumen and responsiveness to be good leaders. A bit of failure is essential to rise in business and even otherwise in life. The decision making comes natural to women, and they should not give up but forge ahead to reach their goal.

She conveyed that apprenticeship or mentorship or guru – disciple relationship are the right ways to learn and get ahead in life. It was the family and professionals who guided her to reach the present. She has a plenty of examples whereby she gets inspired and trying to bring up the juniors working with her.

She adores names like Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and founder of, Sara Blakely, owner of an American intimate apparel company Spanx with pants and leggings and Amelia Earhart who attempted to break the male bastion in the field of solo aviation crossing the Atlantic, way back in 1928.


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