Policewoman Saved A Baby Driven To The Hospital

Recently a Sussex police officer PC Amanda Phipps got a Divisional Commendation for her immediate thought and efforts which helped save a two-week-old baby. It is a Commendation for setting an example for all.The honour was not for solving a crime mystery but for saving the child by resuscitating while being driven to the hospital.

She observed that a car erratically jumped two red light signals one after the other and was about to pass the third set of red lights when they caught up the moving vehicle.

She was aghast when she saw a lady jumping out of the car with a baby (Zara) shouting that her baby could not breathe anymore and that they were driving to Crawley Hospital.  They had to jump the sets of red lights to save their child who was almost lifeless. In a reflex action, Phipps took hold of the child. Jumped into the police car with the baby’s mother (Mariam) and asked the colleague PC Mark Robinson to speed towards the West Sussex Crawley Hospital. The hospital staff was alerted and requested to get ready for the baby, not breathing.

It was quite a panicky situation, see where one could not decide how to go about, then suddenly out of the blue Phipps caught hold the baby and commenced the mouth to mouth resuscitation as the first aid. After three strokes of the mouth to mouth resuscitation, the baby made a noise and moved. That was a good sign; she continued the first aid till arrival in the Emergency of the hospital. Bed was made ready to receive the baby, and the staff resumed the treatment till Zara got stabilized. The hospital revived the child fully and after three days of observation discharged her.

PC Phipps is an officer for eleven years did all this for her happiness. She said that she was relieved for having saved the Baby. It was the biggest distressing moment of her life to go through the ordeal. Had the Baby not revived then I would never have felt all right. As the baby got saved, it was so good to know that she was responsible for it.

Mariam, mother of Zara said that she will ever remain eternally grateful for this noble deed of PC Phipps. Zara is now ten months and a normal baby.


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