7 Diets to Lose your Weight

The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live. Your stomach shouldn’t be a waist basket. Ato keep on away from sugar, oil and salt, in fact, desire to lose weight, why have to utilize so heartbreaking diet weight lose method!

Now, we bring in you to master the diet to lose weight, so you can enjoy the food, but no calories! In this article I shared with you 7 diets to lose weight, they can help you reduce damn calories.

Milk Substitute

Replace 2% low-fat milk with fat-free milk! This way, you reduce the intake of 117 calories. In fact, low-fat milk and fat-free milk taste similar, but a simple replacement can lose hundreds of calories, why not?

Special Salad dressing

When eating salad, salad dressing is essential, you can replace the salad dressing reduce the intake of calories. For example, you replace cream with vinegar, 128 calories is equivalent to a decrease.


Replace sweet butter donuts with muffins contain in jelly, although both are desserts, but their calories very different! This simple method can reduce the intake of dietary replacement of 360 calories.

Expertly selected snacks

Like to eat potato chips? You can choose other dried fruit pieces, which are also delicious. If you replace potato chips with banana chips or dried sweet potato, then you can reduce 95 calories.

To decrease weight:

Reduce the weight of the food, you can eat food every day is not afraid of fat.Such as the large fries changed the small fries, so that you can reduce 270 calories.

Substitute mixed Candy

Although assorted candy is very attractive, but it is also very high calories. Eat the same amount of dried fruit; you can reduce the intake of 61 calories.

Say no to the salad

If you eat salad, but not vegetables, salad and fruit salad, then you better not eat this salad. For example, when you replace corn chicken salad with corn chicken biscuits, you can reduce 396 calories. The reason is when you eat salad, it will certainly add a lot of salad dressing, salad dressing which is translated into a significant calories.


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