Myths and Facts Regarding Cold

There are many myths regarding cold. So to make you a little aware of these myths and their facts we have prepared a list for you. Have a look at it.1. Sweat it out:

Covering ourselves with thick blanket or keeping head over a bowl of hot water and trying to remove cold by sweating. I am sure most of us have tried it or at least have seen others doing this.

This is the most common myth about cold that one can make himself free with cold by sweating it out but unfortunately this is not true. This is not at all effective but can make you feel a little better.

2. Flu Shot Dangers:

Some people have a misconception that you can catch flu from flu injection. They think that the flu vaccines are made of flu virus and are a weakened form of flu but in actual they contain only a few viruses not the whole version of it. So you don’t need to be afraid of flu injection.
3. Weak Immune System:

It is not right that the weaker immune system raises the possibility of getting cold infection. In a research it is found that both healthy and unhealthy people have the same amount of susceptibility to cold and 95% of people will catch cold if cold viruses are directly applied to their nasal membranes.

4. Vitamin C:

It is often considered that taking a large amount of vitamin c or zinc help you fight against cold but this is not at all a good idea. You will have to take medicines and have to wait to get well. But it will help you to maintain your health if you take vitamin and minerals.

5. Winter Cold:

People often think that one catches cold more in winter but this is not true. We catch cold in rainy season or in weather change because at that time cold viruses are more active and effective and in winter those viruses are dormant.

6. Don’t drink milk:

People say that drinking milk can increase your problem of cold but it is absolutely wrong drinking milk is not related to cold problem. You can drink as much as milk you want.

7. Cold Kissing:

It is considered that kissing to an infected person can make you sick. But this is not right as a fix amount of cold viruses are needed to make someone cold infected. If that much amount is there on lips and in mouth at the time of kissing then only another person can get infection.

8. Cold causes a cold:

We are often advised to not to go out in cold and air with wet hair. But this is a big myth because even body temperature doesn’t matter. It is only virus which makes you sick not temperature.

9. Don’t treat cold symptoms:

Some people think blowing nose and coughing are the good symptoms of cold and help you in getting well but they are nothing and are responsible in spreading virus. So just take medicine if you really want to get well soon.

10. Starve a fever:

You must have heard this phrase “Starve a fever and feed the cold.” It is untrue because it can increase your problem as a healthy body is more immune to fight with diseases. So eat healthy and stay fit.


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