See Here Is An Absolutely Attractive True Story


On alighting from the bus, I put the hand in the pocket and got a  shock of my life to realize that I got pickpocketed.

It was not of much value just 90 bucks and a postcard, written to Mom. I had informed the Mother that my job was no more and that I could not send the money.

The note lay for three days as I was unwilling to post it. Perhaps you know that 90 bucks is not less than 900 for a fellow who had no job. In that letter, I had explained that since I do not have a job anymore, will not be able to send the funds till reemployed.

A few days following I received a letter from my Mother. I got scared and thought she must have asked to send the money…… but it surprised me. The Mother had put down a note that the amount sent by you was received, you are so kind and sweet! You are ever so careful and never forget to dispatch the money so much needed.

I was trying to get even and understand the turbulence caused.  The idea, who could have sent the money kept my thoughts pondering?

A few days later another letter arrived. A few lines scribbled were there and almost not discernable. Somehow I managed to read. It said, ” Brother, 90 bucks of yours and 910 mines,  got sent to the Mother by a money order. Don’t worry. All the Mothers are same, what does it matter whether if she is yours or mine, why should she remain hungry.”?

Yours with all the might,

An untraceable, Pickpocketer.






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