See How to Make Your Health Better by Laughter


Laughter therapy uses free breathing by dissolving body’s unnatural elements through hearty laughter and smiling. The laughter yoga have the secret of solving the life’s problems such as stress, worry, fear, anger, desperation, depression, awkwardness, irritability, haste, and impatience The sorrowful and negative, tendencies spoil and make sick our endocrine glands thus inviting different diseases. As light and darkness cannot stay together, similarly the smile and the reasons of the disease live apart. 

If we have a non-stop smile on our face, any person can remain away from illness. The person’s working capacity increases substantially. The thinking becomes positive. One should keep his face smiling in adversity and should use it as medicine during sickness. Just by laughing for 10 -15 minutes, the blood pressure high or low gets regularized, the person with diabetes reduces the medication.

When two acquaintances meet, they smile when still at a distance and within sight of each other. The guests get regularly welcomed while greeting meaning that smile is the harbinger of joy and happiness that brings a feeling of harmony in our lives.  The smile gets compared to a blossoming flower. As one feels good while watching a bloomed flower, likewise, a smile makes one feel happy. 



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The happiness of a person’s life disappears for those who have no smile on their faces. The status of health is proportional to the amount of smile one has on the face or more the smile, the better is health. A smile is a wonderful gift to the humans by nature. A person retains good health as long as that person can keep a  smile. A smile that has no negativeness is a very easy, free and efficient tool to control one’s happiness and good health. The more one keeps the inner smile and joy; the better is his mental strength and tolerance to deal with the world. That person can live easily and remain balanced in conflicting and adverse conditions.

A person’s nature to conflict with other diminishes. The thinking turns constructive and problem-solving. Thus, becoming happy being and attains the aim of life successfully. A person who has positive vibrations has useful hormones that get produced for a successful life.

There is no better medicine than laughter that one can have free. Laughter is a trait or quality or gift that is possessed only by humans. Laughter is natural in humans; it is also his way of expression. To laugh or smile at any happening, or after thinking, on hearing satire, or laugh on seeing someone smiling, or smile on meeting someone, to laugh at humorous situations are all characteristics of his harmonious being.

Laughter as Health enhancing Medicine:

When smile turns into laughter, it works as a health enhancing medicine. Laughter is as the identity of a healthy being. It is essential for mental happiness. Laughing regularly and systematically makes all the body parts energized and fit. Laughter is opposite of stress. The honest laughter explodes like a shot out of a canon and shatters the rock of despair. The laughter energizes each pore of the body and destroys the sorrow; as the blood gets a new life. Some body parts are sensitive to laughter glands. Laughter is a potent antidote of some mental diseases. By laughing heartily, the rate of blood circulation increases thus dissolving the formation of blockages.



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