See How to Make Health Better by Laughter-2

Laughter makes body’s all organs robust and fit. The breathing system improves, oxygen intake increases significantly, and the foul air gets completely expelled. Due to laughter, the nervous regime of the body becomes more aware. You must have observed that the laughing kids compared to others are fitter and more active.

Just laughing for about 10 minutes gives as much power as one can get by walking a kilometer in the fresh air in the morning walk. American cardiologist DR.William Farad of the USA, says,”One minute of laughter, is equal to 40 minutes of rest”. In his book ‘Make us Laugh’ he added further,” Through laughter, we get rid of the pain. The blood pressure gets rectified as the blood vessels get cleaned, and blood circulation improves. The hormones that get released after laughter give us freedom from gout and painful arthritis diseases.
The laughter activates the 31 facial muscles. Thus, fewer wrinkles get formed. Insomnia, stress, fear, depression and other small faults remain at bay. The breath related diseases get priority in healing because of the increased intake of oxygen due to laughter. The accumulated, unnecessary and useless elements like bad cholesterol and triglycerides from various arteries of the body get dissolved and leave their place and make lungs and heart to work with more efficiency. The blockages get cleared, and the blood circulation gets balanced. The body turns healthier and active.
Laughter gives freshness to the body and ensures a good quality sleep. The fever disappears, pain and discomfort also get turned off.  In reality, laughter initiates relief from all the diseases. Heart patients certainly get benefitted from this straightforward and efficient treatment. If those under the spell of sorrow, worries, stress, fearful, disappointed or frustrated can not laugh for some reason or the other, somehow get some laughter at any time, they do not get affected by the above mentioned negative feelings. It is because laughter is opposite in nature of these adverse traits and cannot stay together. Thus, the above symptoms disappear. Laughter massages the internal organs to provide the relief. Even if we laugh artificially, the secretory glands get activated so that the immunity power get enhanced. For the present stressful times, laughter is the cheapest medication and readily available option for the treatment.

 Mounting accessories for humor:

To laugh one is dependent on additional or borrowed methods or accessories that are available all the time. We can not laugh for 365 days because we do not get the new powerful and impressive and knowledgeable jokes and also do not have contact with such experts who can make others laugh. 

Usefulness of Laughter clubs:

Lots of laughter clubs make use of parks, open grounds, and other community centers where people laugh together in the morning hours. Usually, while watching others laugh we also get infected and start to laugh, because laughter is contagious.


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