More About the Benefits of the Wonderful Cinnamon

If there is something that works for both type of food, that is sweet and peppery, and then it is Cinnamon. You may try it by sprinkling on toasts, yogurt, milk to get you a sweet taste without using any sugar or soups wheat berry and barley salad.

You must have taken and enjoyed a different kind of milkshakes but have you ever tried a cinnamon milkshake?  The cinnamon milk is full of benefits like being antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. It tastes fantastic. Mix one-fourth teaspoon of the cinnamon to a glass of milk and find the benefits such as:

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  1. It is a stronger antioxidant when compared to ginger, vanilla the except peppermint – effective in stopping oxidation.
  2. In winters it is highly effective tonic to control effect of cold weather. Cinnamon milk keeps the body warm and enhances the blood circulation. It is useful for controlling cold hands and feet during winters.
  3. Cinnamon milk keeps the digestion in a perfect and balanced state. It is known to control diarrhea in children.
  4. It strengthens the bones as it improves the bone density and prevents arthritis.
  5. It controls the flu.
  6. The cinnamon milk keeps the insulin level as required to control diabetes.
  7. The cavities in the teeth get filled, and the strengthens the gums. The bacteria in the mouth get annihilated.
  8. It slows down the digestive system and good for those who want to control or lose the weight.
  9. The throat infection gets cured by taking the warm cinnamon milk just before sleep.
  10. The skin glows on applying the cinnamon milk and the acne vanishes on its regular use.
  11. The sleep disorders gradually get controlled and cured, thus saying goodbye to insomnia.
  12. It is an intense hair conditioner if cinnamon milk is applied and left for few hours. The hair gets a commendable shine

Risks in taking Cinnamon:

The studies conducted so far have given mixed results, and it is not clear for the role played by cinnamon to improve the health.

How much cinnamon should one take?

There are different recommendations for the dose to take 1-2 teaspoons or 2-4 grams, and also 1-6 grams in other studies. The high dose would be too risky and prove injurious to health. We know that cinnamon is added in many dishes all over the world to make tasty and appetizing food.  It is found in different kinds: Cassia or Cylon or a mixture of the two. The  Cylon cinnamon is easier to powder in the grinder but not much used in case of diabetes. 

Side Effects:
1. Too much of the cinnamon could give a burning sensation on the lips and in the mouth. Sores and Boils may develop or an allergy. When smeared on the body as an ointment it will give redness.
2. Risks: As it is not a proven by the FDA, the cassia cinnamon can turn out to be toxic for those having the liver problem. It is seen that blood sugar gets lowered. Thus the drugs have to be adjusted if any supplement is used. Cinnamon has been observed to cause the liver problem. As there is coumarin present in the cinnamon. Because it is not a proven drug, it is advised not to be used by children and pregnant or lactating women.
3. Influence on other conditions: On taking regular medication for any disease, it is recommended to consult the doctor before starting any of cinnamon supplements. There is a possibility that the supplements may react to the antibiotics, blood thinners and heart medications.

The  conclusion
There is no doubt that Cinnamon makes the food tastier but curing the diseases is debatable. As per modern medicine, most of the claims need clinical proofs, so far they are not available for cinnamon. As such tests, and scientific research continue and research papers are required for submission to FDA and other controlling bodies. Since cinnamon’s use has continued since ages, one can conclude that it can safely remain on the world scene to be employed in a moderate way.

  • It will be prudent to consult the physician before taking cinnamon or its supplement for using as a medicine.
  • Never to give up the regular check up of the blood sugar. Different people have a different requirement- it is right not to go for what others say. What is okay for others does not mean that the same will work for you.
  • Continue your medication as long as prescribed by the physician.
  • Check the HbA1c at the intervals of three months and stop cinnamon in case there is no improvement.
  • New researchers will one day unleash the secret of diabetes and other diseases and recommend the use of cinnamon if found okay.

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