Nine ways to Get Fresh Food

Nearly all fresh fruits and vegetables start to loose their nutritive value and taste the moment they are plucked.

Always try and buy the fresh produce grown near your place of residence if you can not grow them. Ten percent of  Vitamins are lost during transit and specially Vitamin C.

Fresh Food 

Hereunder are given nine points to Get Fresh Food:

1) Fresh squeezed juices get oxidized from end of third hour and should be consumed as soon as possible. It would be better to add some pulp in the juice as it has fibre. Fiber is good for the stomach and easy to digest.

2) Consume meat, poultry and fish with in two days of purchase as high fatty acids portions start disappearing soon after the catch. It is much wiser to place the meats lowest in the fridge or in the chiller tray. This will prevent juices to drip on fruits and vegetables and likely to change their taste, shape and may contaminate.

3) It is a good practice  to cook vegetables just prior to eating, otherwise they loose their vitamins if stored and later on when heated to make them palatable. Unused vegetable should be placed in air tight container to retain freshness

4) Take care and handle with much care both fruit and vegetable as they loose their originality very soon if handled harshly.

5) Always eat seasonal fruits and vegetables as they are cheaper than preserved or refrigerated.

6) Always buy fruits and vegetables in small quantities as you can get the best nutrition when they are fresh. It is better to make purchases oftener to consume fresh Food as much as possible.

7) Regular water spray on vegetables will keep your raw vegetables more fresh.

8. Fruit ripening should take place at room temperature. It may be noted that fridge will stifle the ripening process and subsequently make the vitamins disappear.

9. It is a good to plan in advance to purchase various fresh fruits and vegetables. Once purchased, consume those items which decay faster than others.



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