Funny For the First Time Here is a Decree On Cows

Amreli Municipality Order: Satire in Political Drama against Demonetization.

The State of Gujrat,  located in the west of India has a common border with Pakistan.  Prime Minister Modi hailed from here and got elected three terms as a Chief Minister. The Congress party still has a majority presence in Amreli municipality. It has an issued a strange fatwa( order) very humorous, sarcastic, critical,  and mocking as given below.

A Cow or other domesticated animal cannot poop more than 3 kilos per day for adult cattle and 1 kilo for the young calf. The order got enforced from the midnight of the first of December of 2016. The municipality chief has issued this edict to show that the Central government’ss demonetization is an incredible law enforced all over India from the midnight of 8th of November 2016.




The Amreli Municipality order says that domesticated animals shall have predestined pooping or droppings spots only. If they do so at any other location, then the Owner of the cattle will have to face the action or will be held responsibility.

The order signed by the Municipality chief mentioned that this decree is issued in the same spirit of central government’s scheme of “Clean City, Clean India, Healthy India.” The order further adds that this edict got issued in keeping the spirit of the Central Government’s campaign for Mahatma Gandhi Clean India drive.  The scheme is to be followed for freeing the people of the city from the filth and stench due to to the droppings of livestock free to roam the streets.

The order goes on,” the flying squads will be used to make the defaulting owners sit on the donkey in a procession. ( An insulting social good old time custom to punish the offenders publically). The order further adds that the municipality will utilize the services of separate flying squads that will weigh the droppings at various spots in the city areas. The detailed rules will be made for complying in consultation with citizens in the coming days. The order further added that in the case of the animal poops more than the stipulated dropping then the owner of the cattle will be made to sit and face in reverse direction on donkey’s back around in the city.

The member of the Legislative Assembly, a Congress party leader Paresh Bhai Dhanani says in a questionable tone on the “Dung over dropping order”  that if the ‘Demonetization’ can bring out the black money, then why not the dung dropping bring the cleanliness. It is a robust move against the cattle owners, to enforce cleanliness and only the people with the dirty mind are opposing this order. Here is a step and effort to realize the ” Prime Minister Modi’s dream.”

Enjoy here through the link for the YouTube video on this incredible happening:


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