How to actually Get Rid of the Ageing Problems

Ageing Problems

We are advancing towards old age. Do not forget this truthful FACT. We have all worked in our ways are in the position of to take care and raise the family. Now our children and also the grandchildren are in the position to tell us and show us the way in our day to day dealings. 

They say grandpa don’t do this or do that or this way is better etc., etc. We are proud of our children, and if they have any deficiency, then it must be because we were unable to transmit in their upbringing certain way of behavior. Maybe the thoughts of children are right as per the changing times. We should not nag on every bit of happening.  It is for certain that today’s children have become wiser and are advanced in their thoughts and actions. 

Ageing Problems

It is in these circumstances that we want to explore as for how to reform the family life and the social living. Your remaining healthful will keep the family in good shape.

Let us find out in detail the ways to live happily and vigorously:

1. Stay calm. Remain busy, don’t be chaotic, unsettled or helter-skelter.

2. Make a daily timetable to follow, and stipulate the rules.

3. Speak less, and do not nag others and always remain in peace.

4. Live clean. Perform yoga and meditate. Make efforts to honor others.

5. Make a daily routine and visit regularly the worship place.

6. Don’t blame or condemn or censure and also don’t pay heed to others’ deficiencies.

7. Do not sleep during the day, but rest a while after the lunch.

8. Eat less, but wholesome, nutritious food and think modestly.

9. Take less foodgrain but more of green vegetables, soups, pulses and more of milk.

10. Do all your work yourself and give a hand in doing the community work.

11. Who so ever gives at the appropriate place all the donations, should give without advertising during the lifetime and not afterward or leaving a will for philanthropy.

12 Take the remaining days of life as a bonus and lead your life by thinking and meditating, and be patient.

13 Share all the happiness and not your sorrow, give up ego but not a good company.

14. Take care of your spouse and give constant attention for all the ups and downs of the life remaining.

15. Stay away from anger, attachment, and laziness but never run away from responsibility.

16. If possible watch TV program, movies of your liking or listen to CDs to listen to hymns, songs and discourses and sermons of your liking.

17. Have the evening meal before sunset and always chew well your meals.

18. Have your thorough medical checkup every three years.   

19. Take care of your health by the naturopath or Ayurvedic system. Ensure you know about the side effects of allopathic medicine before taking them. 

20. Remember your health is the basis of your family’s health. 

21. Be happy and share happiness. Help the needy through your vast experience. 

22. Don’t be a drag on your family but be a source of reducing family’s burden. 

23. Do not eat the out of season’s fruit and refrigerated cooked food.



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