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Pomegranate has been employed for thousands of years to heal a wide diversity of diseases. It is in Hindu, Greek, Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic, and Christian mythology and writings. It got reported in records beginning from about 1500 BC as a remedy for tapeworm and other bacteria. Many societies use pomegranate as a community medicine. Pomegranate is indigenous to Iran. Nowadays, principally cultivated in Mediterranean nations, parts of the United States, Afghanistan, Russia, India, China, and Japan.

Two eatable are highly useful to humans; one is Lukewarm water and the other Pomegranate. Prepare a decoction from half a fistful of pomegranate in 500 mls of water. Boil the mixture for about ten minutes. Strain and have the decoction on an empty stomach in the morning. A glass of the warm decoction to anyone suffering from any heart ailment has proven healthy.There were astounding results. The decoction of the dried pomegranate seeds work in a magical fashion, the feeling of tightness, pain, and heaviness in the chest disappeared within some days. The trials on the patients suffering from cardiac ischemia, coronary arterial blockage, severe angina, etc. were successful. Even the patients waiting for bypass surgery got benefitted. Here we reemphasize that taking warm decoction on an empty stomach in the morning gave a quick relief in all the heart-related problems even for the painful heart ailment.

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In an experiment of coronary arterial blockage, the sufferer was given half a glass of pomegranate juice daily for a year. All the symptoms got cured within a few weeks, but the intake of pomegranate decoction continued for a year. The report is baffling as the plaque build-up got removed and unblocked the arteries to normal. A conducted angiography confirmed the case. The decoction of pomegranate seeds, or fresh pomegranate juice or whole pomegranate in the morning cured the cardiac patients.  But the decoction of the pomegranate seeds proved to be the best of all the three ways just mentioned.

Working with and having the pomegranate has proven to be working well in case of thinning the blood, pain killing properties for the heart patients, lowering the LDL ( lipo density proteins) the bad cholesterol, or raising the good cholesterol or HDL are all achieved together. There are over 50 various kinds of heart diseases and the CAD, or the Coronary Artery disease is the most common and deadliest of the heart diseases and remains number one killer of both men and women in most of the countries around the world.  It has no medical cure for it.

Believe it or not, this happened to be the first finding in the history of heart ailment whereby the heart problem got a favorable treatment through having pomegranate fruit. It is with disapproval that cardiac patients, as well as Bypass Surgery, is more or less become a fashion and highly profitable venture around the world.

A constant use of pomegranate in different ways ensures a healthy heart. The blood gets thinner thereby clots get dissolved, and eventually, blockages disappear inside the coronary arteries. It guarantees a minimum blood stream, and a balanced and healthy blood pressure. It takes care of atherosclerosis by reversing the ailment.

How does it work?

Pomegranate comprises a mixture of chemicals that might have antioxidant effects. Some initial investigation hints that substances in pomegranate juice might decrease atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and probably attack cancer cells. But it is not recognized if pomegranate has certain effects when people take the juice.

It becomes proper to articulate here that ” a pomegranate a day keeps the heart trouble away.

Downside of Pomegranate claims and the Ground reality 

The Food and Drug Administration of the USA issued a warning letter to the owners of the “Pom Wonderful 100% Pomegranate juice”  that it promoted its juice for situations that make the product to be a drug. Representations of unapproved labeling indicated in the warning letter come from a section of POM’s website named “Featured Scientific Studies.”  It included healing of “Prostate Cancer”, “Erectile Dysfunction”, “Reducing LDL cholesterol”, “promote(ing) a healthy heart and prostate”, “reduce(ing) the length and severity of colds”, “…shown to slow prostate tumor growth”, “particularly beneficial (“among quite a few others”).”Via 

It said in case the Company wants to promote the pomegranate juice for treating and mitigating many diseases then it needs to get approval to get such claims and treat it as a drug. All in all the veracity of pomegranate juice has still to be recognized.

“POM Wonderful ” a US company promoting the business of pomegranate got refrained from making the claims of magical cures by the use of pomegranate-based products by the US Courts of Appeals in January 2015. The appellate court observed and restricted Pom Wonderful not to mislead in its ads the cures claimed lacking scientific evidence.

It is better that more reports and clinical verifications get available in due course of time.


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