Wow, New Bullets Can Sprout Plants to Make Environments Safer


The US Army is about to commence filling their ammunition depots with plastic bullets containing plant seeds to be used for training (shooting) ranges. On firing, the bullets will mix with the earth where they fall and sprout to become plants after a few months.

They will grow as plants that are biodegradable. These training balls will not be used in the wars and battles but only for training purposes. The decision got taken because formerly the bullets used had harmful chemicals and harmed the environment.

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The Department of Defence (DOD) got concerned about the shots used for the training purposes. It explained that the previous materials utilized for the manufacture of the shells contained metal and other harmful chemicals. It takes hundreds of years before the old used bullets would become biodegradable.

The amount of bullets used in training is estimated to be three to four more than those used in combat operations. There are thousands of training grounds all over the world that get sprayed with the bullets. So far, for years there is no system where the used ammunition could get collected and therefore the surrounding areas were not eco-friendlily The metal & chemical used, keep lying in its place and eventually damage the earth and also the groundwater water. They also keep harming flora and fauna and the humans living nearby. That is why the idea for biodegradable bullets got well liked and needed.

The new shells are of the biodegradable plastic covering that mixes with the earth on hitting the ground. Wherever these shells fall, they are useful to the earth. The disintegrated particles become eco-friendly and benefit the earth. The seeds are friendly for the living animals, and after sometimes plants sprout out. That way the pollution decreases and greenery grow around as they will corrode and spoil the ecosystem around. It is an uphill task to detect and neutralize the previous bullets used.

The US Army Corps of Engineers have successfully developed the seeds in the lab. These biodegradable seeds fill up the shell, and they have tested such filled seeds. The army is now preparing to grow newer seeds in future. The working of these seeds will be completed by the 8th of the February this year by the DOD. Only after it will decide who will get the authorization to manufacture such seeds.  First of all, they will focus on the 40 grenades 155 mm training rounds. The army will bring into use the new needed shells on training grounds by the year end. Proposals have been invited through the Small Business Innovation Research agency.


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