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Exercise trends come and go, but practically no other training program is as lasting as Yoga. It’s been there for more than 4500 years.Yoga does more than burning calories and condition muscles. It’s a complete mind-body workout that blends increasing and stretching postures with extensive breathing and contemplation or rest.There are many styles of yoga. Some are fast-paced and powerful. Others are soothing and relaxing.

The following diseases ( partial list)get cured through the regular practice of Yoga.

Yoga cures

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Dr. Mary P. Schatz, she says moving hurts, but not moving destroys. Incorrect moving harms but intelligent moving heals. Yoga guides action with proper joint alignment which helps bring twisted joints back to normal condition as appropriate muscles are expanded and strengthened. Active Yoga exercise is the key to renewing health to arthritic joints. One must work within limits imposed by the disease, but don’t let yourself be immobilized.
Yoga can make you get flexible and powerful without placing added stress on your joints. You get the additional benefit of a mind-body approach that can help you unwind and invigorate.

Cellulite is a disease persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, particularly on women’s hip and thighs. It builds up when muscles get tense when you feel stressed. You need to breathe deeply as in the Yoga. Therefore, the Yoga gives your muscles a good stretch and relaxes you all over. Yoga has been tried and is useful for the anti-cellulite remedy.


Yoga has been found to have been the key to only gaining eyesight in the case of Meir Snyder who teaches at his Center in San Francisco, California. Yoga helped cure his blindness as he was born blind.He credits Yoga exercises for helping bring back his vision to 20/60 and improving. Via . See his YouTube Video.  He has written a book titled Self-Healing: My Life and Vision.

Mensural cramps:

Yoga exercises while stretching on the floor and place your arms along against your body through your monthly period can also help says, Dr. Lark. Director, PMS Self-Help Center in Los Angles, California. Here is one example. Kneel on the ground and sit on your heels. Bring forehead to the floor and place your arms on the floor against your body. Close your eyes. Hold the position as long as it is comfortable. 

Stress :

Yoga Works by inducing what is called the rest response, a body state first characterized and named by Herbert Benson, M.D; an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School’s internationally acclaimed Mind/body clinic. In his bookYour Maximum Mind, he wrote, ” This happening shuts off the distracting, stressful, anxiety-producing aspects of what is called the fight-or-flight response,”

 In the first place, where threats from wild animals might have been the order of the day, this sort of recognition tends to make us more sensitive, nervous and even sick.
A person experiencing the relaxation response turns off all hormones and acts that are making him sensitive. Usually, any study will produce relaxation, require formal instruction and a good amount of self-discipline.

Here is Dr. Benson recommends the following primary program for getting the response. 

One, choose a first word( may be ‘peace’) that is mainly rooted in your belief way. 
Two, sit quietly and close your eyes, and relax. 
Three, commence reciting the focus word timed with your breathing, each time you breathe out. Maintain the pace for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Suggestions: It is best to practice daily. Does not matter how you do it. If your mind runs here and there, come back to the thoughts of the meaning of the word you are concentrating on and continue for 15 to 20 minutes.

Varicose Veins
The ancient system of Yoga has much to offer sufferers of varicose veins says John  Clarke .M.D, a cardiologist with Himalayan International Institute, Honesdale, Pen.

The yogic breathing practice can be done without instruction, without danger, and with a good chance that your discomfort from varicose veins will be relieved, claims Dr. Clarke. Try this exercise right now. Rest flat on your back on the floor, relaxed and raise your feet up on a chair. Breath slowly and evenly from the diaphragm, trough your nose. That’s it. While the gravity is pulling excess blood out of your raised legs, your full steady inhalations will create negative pressure on your chest,  Dr. Clarke says. This negative pressure helps draw in air to the chest cavity as well as blood from all over the body, including your blood-gorged legs, he says.



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