How To Positively Manage Stress And Its Effects


Stress management is a must in today’s busy scenario for one and all. Folks who do not control their stress level or tension can have many side effects like depression, sickness of various kind, insomnia, stomachache or a headache. Typically one’s time gets divided in the commitments for folks at home and job and feels stressed and needs time and strategy to unwind. That way, one remains cheerful,  upright, enthusiast, and balanced. It is wise to spend time and find how to manage the stress.


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The positive way to tackle stress lies in relaxing your mind and body.  Try a few ways suggested below:

  1. Record: Describe briefly, say for 10 minutes of what is bothering you and what you feel about the event that tensed you. This exercise will bring you closer to the reason of stress and help you in solving the cause of tension.
  2. Do something you enjoy: Take up your hobby and spend time that you forget yourself and immerse yourself in heart, soul, and mind and ultimately the stress melts away. Over some time, you can get so much ahead that others will look up to you for the guidance. The hobby could be from any field, Volunteer, tutoring the needy for studies, indoor or outdoor games. Taking care of pets, gardening, writing poems, painting or doing whatever else you enjoy.
  3. It is always good to meditate and to concentrate thoughts on thanking the Creator for the life and abilities you have got.
  4. Live in the Present: Here is a method to fight the stress by residing in the present and concentrating on your breath. All you have to is to participate willfully in the suggestions made.  Join Mindful-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) where people get assisted for pain and various conditions not treatable under hospital settings of life issues did not find a cure.


In a research of Fredrick Scheller University, Germany the finding point that whenever you meet any toxic people, your brain is affected and the feeling of stress becomes apparent. Another research disclosed that 90% of individuals who are successful are experts in managing the stress. Here are some of the ways to remain away from toxic people.

  1. Some people have the habit of complaining. Perhaps they enjoy doing so. They do not focus on any work. Keeping a distance from such people is being wise. Take it in such a way that one can not stay with a friend who is a chain smoker because the passive smoking will harm you.
  2. The successful person does not get happiness because of someone else’s reaction. Each work has a response. But when there is a satisfaction in any job done, the satisfaction because of comparison should not get less. The reason behind is that one must understand oneself. The successful people know well that they are not as bad as the others trying to imply and also they are not as good as the people when showering praises on them say so.
  3. In reality, it is important to know and mark the limits to stop the other person. Sometimes we feel that setting limits is rather hard to establish for those working with you together throughout the day. But if you try, then a way will be found out. For instance, if you are working with someone on a project it is not necessary to make such friendly relations that the other person might say anything at any time.


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