How Do The Plants Help One To Remain Healthy

Healthy Plants

We have so many vegetables, that keep us safe from diseases or small botheration. Find here about these:

Olive:  Olive not only benefit the bones and no harm comes to its regular intake but prevents cancer. It removes the cholesterol and the high blood pressure.

Reason: It has hydroxytyrosols that are phytonutrients or phytochemical usually found in the vegetable plants, like garden plants: flower, vegetable, herb, shrub, weed;  vegetation, greenery, flora, herbage, verdure.

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Plant foods have thousands of natural chemicals. These are called phytonutrients or phytochemical. “Phyto” belongs to the Greek word for plant. These compounds help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, another threat.

They work in saving the plants from fungal and other transportable diseases. Also, they protect the plants from ultraviolet rays and some insects as well. The nutritionists and researchers have time and again told us to be aware of the health benefits of vegetables. We need to stop thinking that they are not tasty, or they consume much time for preparations or too dear to afford. It may be right to add here that they have vitamins like vitamin E, C, the calcium, and iron are present along with most important phytochemical. There have been estimated over 20000 them to make the immune system healthy.

One should get a clear picture that the phytonutrients are not in any way resembling vitamins or minerals or carbohydrates, or the fats for energy generation. They carry out the communications and allow for the most favorable functions and sequences between the cells.  Phytonutrients ensure and follow a proper course to make ready health tissues and immune system to fight back and detox any foreign material. The phytonutrients are like a team of the orchestra or an army to protect and defend the body. Source Of Phytonutrients: Kale, Spinach, and Avocado


Spinach: It does away with constipation, and the digestive system remains in a perfect state.

Reason: There is the substantial quantity of water and fiber in the spinach. Spinach has twice the amount of iron as compared to carrot and cabbage. On cooking, the nutrients get destroyed, but it is essential to wash and clean it.

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Cucumber: The blood pressure can get reduce on taking the cucumber. 100 grams of Cucumber has 17 calories.

Reason: Because it has potassium in it which has the valuable intracellular electrolyte.

Baby Corn: It keeps the digestive system in a safe state. By having the baby corn, Alzheimer’s danger is kept away.

Reason: It has folic acid in it, thiamin riboflavin and niacin like elements in it.

Coriander: If you have trouble or pain in the bones then have coriander in your food. Sneezing stops on smelling the coriander leaves.

Reason: because it has calcium and other minerals that are essential for the bones.


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