Can You See how the laughter is the best medicine?


Laughing at your being, it sounds awkward, does it mean that you become a laughing stock in front of others or does it mean to display one’s shortcomings to others. As per communication experts, the ability to make fun of oneself is an art. If you can manage such a show, then you can deal and overcome the opposing and adverse situations quickly.


Sign of positivity

Those who can laugh at oneself are believed to be optimists. The success rate of optimists is high. According to research,  it got ascertained that laughing at oneself keeps one fit mentally, and keeps the mood in a right way, while solving or involved in a complicated situation. Additionally, the fellow who can laugh at oneself can know the positive and negating aspects of a person’s personality and learn how to improve oneself.


Induced with self-confidence:

Joking on oneself means to laugh at one’s small deficiencies or mistakes. If you can do this implies that you think to improve in the deficient aspects. That way your self-confidence grows. People with self-esteem are mostly satisfied.



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Remaining happy and keeping others happy. 

Laughing at others deficiencies can make others unhappy, but laughing at oneself can certainly bring smiles on others’ faces. Those who think that such a person spoils own image or their esteem has taken a dip in others thinking remain in an illusion and wrong in their estimation. Others appreciate these individuals. Laughing shows that you are courageous and remain original.


How to start the habit of Laughing at oneself.

  1. Remember that humans make mistakes and it accepts those deficiencies. Remain the way you are.
  2. Try to learn from your deficiencies and learn not to criticize yourself and propel yourself to go ahead. Take your weaknesses positively.
  3. Learn about yourself. By laughing at oneself, you bring out yourself to the surface. This way you can learn from your mistakes and improve on them.
  4. Try and laugh at your previous experiences and misdeeds. You can recall your childish behavior.
  5. By learning to laugh at yourself, you can live happier in life. Have you ever made some mistakes in public places that will put others in an embarrassing situation but you blasted and laughed?

It is entirely possible that such an incident happened with someone. Do not think of making an image and impress others. Let others decide about it. Remain righteous, honest and straightforward, stay as you are. By accepting one’s deficiencies, one cane becomes positive. And by taking one’s deficiencies, you achieve and be self-confident.

In these dark, uncertain times, the ability to have a good laugh — especially at your expense — may be essential for survival. But are people capable of having a sense of humor about themselves? In the first-ever investigation like its kind, Ursula Beermann of the University of California, Berkeley, and Willibald Ruch of the University of Zurich examined 70 psychology students to measure their ability to laugh at themselves. The findings support: that being able to laugh at oneself is not only a well-defined trait but is also associated with having an upbeat temperament and good mood and may be the reason for a good sense of happiness.


Here you see a collection of wise sayings on meaningful laughter 

You don’t stop laughing as you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing. 

To make mistakes is human; to falter is commonplace; to be able to laugh at yourself is readiness.

To truly laugh, you need to be able to take your pain and play with it. 

It is wider fitting for a man to laugh at self than to regret it. 

There’s strength in looking silly and not caring that you do. 

Anyone who takes himself too sincerely always runs the risk of looking funny; someone who can consistently chuckle at himself does not.

 Life overflows in comedy if you just look around you. 


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