You See How Grandparents Inspire and Motivate Wonderfully

Grandparents influence the children in a way that lasts with the growing up, kids. The children may not know consciously, but the undercurrent is so. It is simple to talk and write about one’s impression of the life of grandparents and grandchildren.

In my case, my grandfather was a towering and stately figure to me. It seemed so strange at the first realization that he had a big say in the family. Whenever he came across,  his views got importance in the day to day happenings. As when to do and which way to go about anything.

The relationship between the two generation apart turns sweet, invigorating and a source of happiness.

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On a day when I was around nine years of age, the Grand Pa, who came from a far off place, asked me to bring my English textbook. English was the new language for me. We had to start to learn. He told me to read out the text of an essay about “On saying please.” I followed his command him and began to read; the Grandpa corrected me almost on each sentence that I read. I got impressed by the knowledge he had about the language.  I got scared but also encouraged when he corrected me, and he wondered as to why I did not grasp all the meanings of the words and also their correct pronunciation. I resolved that that soon I would get proficient in the language. The dictionary’s thorough use got introduced to me, during this session.

The second thing that I recollect about him was that he had a beautiful handwriting in the English language.  I also found out that he had graduated in the English language way back in the 1920s.

Another important aspect that I remember about him that he paid the first-year fee for my education when at the Public school. He ensured that my uncle would take over and pay for the remaining three years of the period of the passing out from the school.

Grandparents have plenty of time and stay whenever we went to meet them. Taking care of their health is a major part of their daily routine. They shouldn’t play hard or run to remain within limits of their endurance. A Proper deep breathing with the motion of various body’s joints should suffice for maintaining their health and remaining fit.

The popular way of window shopping, visiting malls with grandparents will keep bonds of affection intact between both the relations. Presenting the grandchildren with chocolate and other favorite foods may be carried out in consultation with the parents. Grandparents and even others will enjoy the video of Babies eating lemon for the first time.

Source: YouTube/ Babies Eating Lemons for the First time.

It is good if they take us to the shops and give us money occasionally. Going to neighborhood parks and letting the grandchildren try the slides and swings on a regular basis will cement the bonds between the two. Visiting the parks and zoo, aquarium and the cultural program can be helpful to have a real useful past time.

The grandchildren enjoy to learn how to make sketches and learn the names of colors, names of pets and birds can be a good source of entertainment. The children show their caliber in learning new names of happening around. Singing rhymes and viewing tablets.

Grandparents have much potential to make the lives of grandchildren enjoyable. Use of bicycle and tricycle will bring the generational gap closer. Overseeing all activities are a good way not to get bored for both the generations.


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