Learning Here From One Of The Great Thinkers

Learning from great thinkers: Lord Alfred Tennyson ( As gathered and understood from his works)

  1. Things that are distant, remain far away, attraction towards them impel one to get them. For example, Columbus and Vasco da Gama discovered the new lands because they wanted to reach the new sea routes to China and India. Hilary and Tenzing accented the Everest.
  2. A person who has no enemies remains ineffective to make friends. Note here Lord Jesus Christ made Pharisees very staunch enemies but ordinary people loved him. and later on, the whole of Europe followed him
  3. The lie that has some truthful shreds of evidence is the most dangerous. Islamic State aims at increasing the rank and file of Muslims believe in no freedom or free expression of ideas, believe in the suppression of women, their rights, and move freely.
  4. Self-respect, self-knowledge, and self-control impel most for achieving a powerful and all round personality.
  5. Words are like nature, with meaning half obvious, half hidden, their philosophy is not completely clear.
  6. Honestly expressed suspicion is worthy of faith in any religion or sect.
  7. Information can be drawn and found easily but the Knowledge comes from within.Quote from Lord Tennyson” Knowledge comes, but Wisdom lingers” So think and concentrate on doing good in life and being happy.
  8. The happiness of life is not in getting something, nor in the absence of it, the happiness comes in winning over the passion and enthusiasm.
  9. We can not remain fair even for an hour of each other. We laugh at our colleagues, we mumble, however, the person is not himself insignificant.
  10. One can not soar higher by pulling someone down. A sensible, businessman will not defeat his competitor. The wise employee never leaves his colleagues behind. Do not defeat your friends and also do not smite you enemies and additionally do not accept defeat.
  11. Every person has some element of the other person whom he has ever met.
  12. The fellow whose heart is pure has the strength of ten persons. Quote from Lord Tennyson “My strength is as the strength of ten, / Because my heart is pure”
  13. Doing some jobs have no reason but even then at times, the situations turns up into do or die situation.

 Alfred Lord Tennyson -Photo Source: Wikipedia


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