How Hashicorp reduces work & how come a 27 year got into Fortune 500

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It happened in 2010. Mitchell Hashimoto studied at Washington University and simultaneously worked for a Consulting Company. He was upset as to why setting a software program in a computer took so long to download. He worked to make the system automated and through coding reduced the work of 15 hours to 15 minutes. While working, he, later on, made a software app ‘Vagrant.’ Today, there are millions of user who get benefited from the said App. His company Hashicorp provides open source tools that install, configure the computer, server, and database automatically. The startup company with a workforce of 60 persons had gathered a funding of 35 million dollars.

Its customer base has E bay, PayPal, Disney, Fortune 500, nearly all American Banks and many prominent businesses including the BBC, Mozilla, Nokia, and Yammer. Mitchell explains Hashi in Japanese means bridge, and the thought that impels to work is that Hashicorp is a link between the technology and the present and the future. He asserts that they do not work for the computer but prepare the software for human beings.

Hashimoto is just 27 years and learned coding by the age of 12. The reason was his inquisitiveness for video games. He wanted to find how the video games worked. He further added that as usual,  in his childhood he did not have much money as the other kids. The parents gave the necessary funds.  He commenced to learn ‘programming’  that he learned through the open source. The money was not there to buy software or books.

Hashimoto and Arman Dadgar  – Photo source: Pinterest

                               The curiosity led him to learn to code. Hashimoto was fond of the computer, but when he went to college to study, his father told him that he had one year to show whatever he wanted to show in the world of the computer world and the equipment. If you are unsuccessful, then you should think of becoming a lawyer or a doctor.

He was lucky to get the chance for business right in the first year of the college itself. Hashimoto observed that the students were coming for registration at 6 in the morning and were there in long lines forming queues and were not able to get the desired courses. He thought of making a software whereby the students would automatically get the registration of the courses desired, but they would have to pay a little for the registration. The service was an instant hit. 80% of the students’ population used his services through the registration and of course he made money. The profit was to the tune of 5 million dollars yearly. He explained he had sold the business on graduating.

His father was still not satisfied. He wanted that the son should some recognized work. That is why besides the Class registration work, he joined a web development company. His father allowed him to continue for further studies in computer science. While in service he created his open source tool ‘Vagrant.’ It became the foundation for his startup ‘Hashicorp’  During his days in the company he met Arman Dadgar. They were the founders of the new corporation. They launched their first paid Ad-On App Vagrant. They both as founder worked together with the third employee and did all sorts of works. All the three worked and could earn their successful living. The projects were too many and were not able to complete.

Nowadays, Vagrant is a comprehensive tool used by millions of people, from individuals to the companies mentioned above. Hashimoto is a sought-after spokesman at developer gatherings such as VelocityConf, OSCON, FOSDEM, Hashimoto formulated a few more advancement tools as part of his business HashiCorp.


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