Plastic Surgery Disasters: Think Twice Before You Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Everyone wants to look beautiful. But in some cases when this desire reaches the level of insecurity or inferiority, plastic surgery disaster happens. These days we commonly come across news about celebrities having plastic surgeries to enhance their beauty.

Plastic surgery is a wonderful option for burn and accident victims or those who suffers from a birth defect. However, this medical procedure is being exploited by some people to satisfy their obsession to attain perfection and look divine. In many cases plastic surgeries go wrong and leads to irreparable damage and horrible look.

Here is a list of shocking plastic surgery disaster

Donatella Versace

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Her obsession to look younger and achieve a feline look made her expend billion Dollars on plastic surgeries. But she ended looking freaky with horrible plump upper lips and waxy skin.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

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She is a live example of extreme beauty disaster. She spends around 4 million dollars on cosmetic surgeries. She underwent  a facelift, eyebrow lift, lip plumping injections, fat grafting, chin augmentation, cheek implants, lower and upper eyelid surgery. But even after expending so much time and money she ended up looking like a nightmare.

Mickey Rourke

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He accepts that he had boxing injuries and went to a wrong guy to fix his injuries. He had eyelift and facelift which was not done properly. The unnatural curvatures between his cheeks and ears are obvious telltales of badly done cosmetic surgery

Heidi Monta

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She had 10 cosmetic surgeries in a day. She had a nose job, injections of fat in her cheek, reduction of the chin, Botox in the forehead, neck liposuction, ears turned back and facelift done. Nothing ended up the way she desired. Now she regrets having a plastic surgery.

Late Michel Jackson

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And yes, how can we forget late Michel Jackson. It is believed he suffered from Body dysmorphic disorder where you do not see yourself as others do. He went through a lot of cosmetic surgery and finally ended up with a whittled-down nose and unnatural cleft.

These are just a few examples, however, the list of plastic surgery disaster is quite long. This article is meant to alert teenagers who consider a cosmetic surgery effective way to enhance their beauty.

Not for everyone these surgeries work. In fact, most of them ended up spoiling their beauty. Some now have become a living nightmare.

Before taking a decision of undergoing a cosmetic surgery, even if you are able to afford it, it is better you ask yourself ” Do I really need it?”

If people around you, love you and appreciate your beauty it is better not do underestimate or compare your looks. Be satisfied and confident with what you have.

Still, if you have made decision keep in mind:

Choose a highly qualified and experienced surgeon. Also have a complete knowledge of his track records and successful cosmetic surgeries conducted by him/her.

Have the complete knowledge of surgical procedures, time involved, kinds of implants, postoperative complication and medication.

Beware of any side effects. Analyze the benefits and related risks.

Be prepared for the consequences and any negative outcome because these surgeries not always comes with flying colors even if conducted by skilled doctors.


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