How to Get A Uplifting Heartfelt Mood and Much More

Heartfelt Mood

Attaching Laughter to one’s life.

Whenever you find that laughter makes you feel better, then you should add a funny episode to your life like watching entertaining TV shows and watching funny situation on the internet.

We have all heard the overworked phrase about laughter being the best medicine. The world people need more humor and laughter. to improve their physical and emotional health, thus making their relationship more strong that would give more happiness, thus adding more years to their lives.

Medical science has established time and again that multiple physiological changes caused by the laughter benefit those suffering from fibromyalgia (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome(M/E CFS). Much research is getting importance for the hidden beneficial aspects of the theory of laughter. Laughter makes one feel better about his being, and on sharing the joy multiplies if the reason is not cornering someone or making fun of the other. The researchers have well verified that the benefits also remain physiological those who go through the hilarity regularly.


The laughter therapy may create the following advantages:-

As per the researchers, the benefits are affecting the physiological state and also give hype emotionally in a positive way.

  • Laughter slowly introduces chemical changes in the brain and the body that come very close to those brought in my exercise. All this happens free of cost without any medicinal prescriptions. The changes are known when thinking of FMS or ME/CFS.
  • The nitric oxide function alters and lowers the heart disease risk factors.
  • The immunity system improves enhancing the activities of T cells, the other markers of neuroimmune function and the natural killer cells.
  • The stress response gets modified through the neuroendocrine changes making the strain lower.
  • The endorphins hormones get released as natural painkillers to improve the mood.
  • It is surprising to note that the blood flow system gets positive changes for at least 24 hours.
  • Laughter makes significant variations in the level of rheumatoid patients pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines.

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Easing tension with Laughter: `

All have to learn as how to tackle the sad situation in the day to day life.  It is not easy to know how to react to a sick person, an easy way out to diffuse the situation is to have humor or some meaningful laughter to ease the situation.


The Side Effects of Laughter should also be known.

  • Medical research teams have established that laughter can cause post-exertional discomfort and uneasiness in the case of people having ME/CFS – a sort of illness that causes fatigue and various kind of symptoms after having the exertion due to the laughter.-That is hallmark symptom.
  • Asthmatics are liable to get asthma attack on laughing that indicates the disease is not easily controlled.
  • Those with Fibromyalgia after a hearty laugh can result into a painful condition in case their muscles get deconditioned. The released Endorphin hormones usually counter the pain afflicted and give the soothing effect similar to the exercise.
  • Occasionally, the risk of fainting (syncope) gets introduced due to laughter produced changes in the autonomic nervous system that reduces blood flow to the brain.



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