See the Wonderful History of Self-Massage and Numerous Advantages


Self-massage gives joy and satisfaction.We recommend you to know its basics to get the best out of it. By self-massage, one can drive away the stress before any event that you are about to experience. It is worth to get ready for or do away the local stress or pain in any part of the body. On reaping the benefits of massage, one may wonder as to how one missed out the know-how of self-massage, which is very straightforward and natural.

In this article, We will give you obvious and easy steps to follow. These tips will lead you to a happier and stress-free life. All you need is to know first the benefits you can get by following basic self-massage techniques. A word of caution is to follow these massage tips only after consulting your doctor if you have any concern about your health. In other words, massage helps you only if you have minor health problems.


You should know the benefits of self-massage and important role it can play in your day-in-day-out life. In modern milieu when physical labor has almost finished with no chores to do by using your strength of hands and feet. Stagnation of limbs and muscles have affected our lives adversely. Self-massage is to play a significant role in all times to come. Here we need to find out as to how stress and minimal physical activities can disturb our physical being.  In the latter half, we are giving tips as to how self-massage will propel you to a good health and also the use of aromatic oils, carrier oils and some massage tools to achieve the advantages. Armed with the above we are going to let you know about acupressure and of other systems such as hot & cold presses and holding techniques.

Additionally, we would add self-massage techniques at home while in bed, or while watching TV or do the same in the office chair. We will add as to what way to execute the self-massage while moving or underway on a plane or train or a boat or even in a shopping mall.  We can also tell you to take the self-massage in your office breaks or before beginning and end of the routine day. In a nutshell, you will acquire a lot about the way self-massage and associated activities are going to bring a joyful change in your world. It would be easy to follow and take self-massage in whichever situation you find yourself.

Massage is an ancient art from the lands of India and China. The Indian and Chineses systems got developed centuries earlier with the holistic approach to health. In today’s field of self-massage, all cultures around the globe influence self-massage some way or the other. Thus, the universal prevalent stressful life can get eliminated.


Massage From the Far East & South Asia

The Asian Massage has a holistic approach that tackles health by taking care of diet, exercise, rest, herbal preparations, and meditation. The Chinese developed applied pressure to different parts of the body and later on specialized in acupuncture and acupressure.

The Indians specialized in a holistic approach by practicing Yoga,  exercise, and meditation that include the breath control. Self-massage is the essential part of the “Science of being” called Ayurveda and breath control along with concentrating thoughts on various regions of the body. Abhyanga (self-massage) uses natural oils of Sesame or almonds. When conducted or performed correctly it promotes overall improvement in a stronger immune system, flexibility, improved skin texture and strengthening of the body structure and bones.

European Massage: 

In the reign of Greeks, Massage was given importance by the father of the Medicine: Hippocrates emphasized that doctors must be experienced in many things but most certainly in the art of rubbing. The Roman Empire was known to be very supporting to the pinching, therapeutic advantages of Massage, swimming, pummeling, bathing, and massage. The stories are full of the Roman Emperors taking a public bath while deciding the matters of the day.   The sixteenth century Europe realized the importance of anatomy and physiology. It was in Sweden in the nineteenth century that Swedish physiologist Per Henrick Ling introduced the system of Exercises and Massage, called the Physical Therapy today.


Self-Massage Today: 

After 1940’s – 50’s the popularity of holistic forms of treatment got dominated by the industrial boom and technology. But in due course naturopathy revived because of its inherent benefits and effects. Awareness to Massage and Self-Massage have re-emerged as preferred health care in almost all of daily life situations of homes, schools, offices, sports, business and public life.  Always well received for removing bodily stiffness and stress in day to day life.

Self-massage Advantages

Institutional awareness for the benefits of self-massage is the order of the day. Massage delivers benefits to body and mind. Because of the good and promising health effects, the employees take lesser sick leave that boosts the production of work and the profits of companies.

See Massage parlors in airports and in markets showing the popularity massage enjoys. You can reduce stress, ease anxiety, promotes excellent health while maintaining and improving the clarity of thoughts. Massage is best to answer to the modern day stressful living.

The Massage is nothing but manipulating the soft tissues, adjoining muscles, fat and the organs of the body. In a self-massage, it is important to apply hand pressure in a particular way to invigorate that particular body region. Recommended self-massage starts with swift and energetic movements carried out in the morning to wake up and to refresh the body, whereas, natural and mild strokes lull one to profound and restful sleep while retiring at night. Self-massage affects the circulation of body and lymph, as well as the muscles, nerves, and digestion.

Body and mind are interlinked a well-known fact of life. Changing one casts a spell on the other, so much, so that imbalance in one disturbs, the heartfelt and the physical well-being of the person involved. Therefore the sound effect of self-massage on the emotional health or the stress level is bound to get improved and beneficial to one.  Following benefits will please the person involved in self-massage.

  1. Increased self -awareness that detect early signs of stress psychological and physical
  2. Systematical self-massage eliminates the toxins and the waste products from the body. In the long run, no build up of waste accumulates contributing to a headache, or muscle pain, or dull skin, fatigue. sinus.
  3. Self-massage induces better quality of sleep that improves the temperament and a better health
  4. After waking up in the morning, the fast pace self-massage enhances the mental and physical energy.
  5. It is best to start with the problem spots particularly painful or stiff joints and adjoining muscles so that pain decreases or disappears entirely, that will result in soothing the backache, headache, eye strain or aching feet or neck pain.
  6. The refreshing self-massage always induces a general state of relaxation for both mind and the body. Tension and anxiety are slowly turned off thus inviting body to function normally.
  7. Regularity in self-massage works wonders as the body gets into the mode of getting into strengthened but flexible of body limbs, bones and attitude to do well thus chasing away painful and stiffened body parts.
  8. The immune system is catalyzed on self-massage thus prevents0r fights setting in infections
  9. The ankle and feet puffiness is removed by the massage as water gets driven out of limbs that get swollen.

Eliminate stress by employing Self-massage.

Self-massage helps in rejuvenating the blood circulation system thus ensuring supply of oxygen and the glucose to various cells, and at the same time, the waste material gets removed that results in good health and high-spiritedness. If the and when the blood circulation gets reduced due to inactivity or any other reason, the body part involved would suffer and get diseased. Self-massage helps in enhancing blood circulation and ensure no disease sets in due to oxygenated blood deficiency.

In the blood circulatory system, the blood gets loaded with oxygen in the lungs and under pressure picks up fat, nutrients, the amino acids, and glucose from the liver and the digestive track.

Throughout this procedure, the heart pumps hard the blood so that it gets transported through arteries. The pressure gets exerted on the walls of the arteries. The blood gets supplied to various parts of the body through arteries that get narrowed as they reach the limbs and now called arterioles and capillaries that supply blood to cells of the body.

Self Massage tackles present day Unavoidable Stress:

To manage the modern day stress self-massage is the best and effective way to counteract the rise in Blood Pressure (BP) and the muscles’ tension. Self-massage relaxes both mind and body. Extra demands on the mind cause the stress. Stress is active and useful when coping ability faces no upheaval but pleasant to tackle a situation, but stress is harmful when the demand made seem too much to handle or involves continuous watching till completing the work. All beings have a different stress level to cope up or threshold where one feels comfortable to do a job. When the inability to finish the job or demand made seems too much or gets out of control stress builds up and harms the person or job undertaken.

The self-massage benefits in three different ways:

1) Increased Mental Alertness: Because of positive stress one can complete jobs encountered. Like arranging any sporting event or a business meeting. It enhances the spirit to achieve results.2) Reduce anxiety and worry

2) Reduce Anxiety and Worry: If one readies oneself to meet the demand placed or expected the stress is managed. One emits positive spirit and get the things done positively, leaving anxiety and worries far behind.

3) Feeling of Relaxation: In modern times, it is provable that a mind can come to rest by massage of the body and get refreshed, in addition to ancient proven fact of curing physical ailments. The best way to tackle the stress is to have ways and means to approach to the solutions. Self-massage is the easiest way to handle the stress as per new management techniques.


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