My Brain Said “CRUNCHES” But My Stomach Auto-Corrected It To “CUPCAKES”

That’s the story of all of us I believe, we all want to shed those extra pounds but something or the other keeps stopping us. The diets, gyming, yoga, Zumba keeps us going for certain time and then what; we very soon get back to our same track. So, it’s kind of that we’re all looking for the ultimate well-being secret that is to keep up without much of “Auto-corrections”. So, we tried finding out some on go things that can be easily done and still keep you going …jot it down, as they are simple and with these, you might not have to do crunches and you can have cupcakes as well!!!!!


Cycling makes a great impact on life. A middle age lady shared with us that she was 12kgs heavier and was sinking into middle age. Her husband had left her and gone to live in Australia, and she needed something to do with her two children. So, on Saturday afternoons she would drag them out for a ride with local cycling club.


The first six weeks were awful- her body just didn’t believe what was happening to it. For many, 10 miles is a big deal. But she says, if she hadn’t taken it up, she dread to think what state she’d be now- she would be sluggish and nearly about 20kgs overweight. It is a vicious circle, because when you become unfit and a little overweight then you do less and become more unfit. You have to break that cycle somehow.

Cycling definitely takes years off you because you are leaner and fitter. Love your job, love your life, love every activity you do, but it is vital to ensure you make time for personal space and cycling gives you that. Your mind is empty of everything apart from the physical endurance. It is a savior for people with stressful lives.


‘I learned the value of sleep four years ago, the hard way. I’d been touring and each night I stayed up late to catch up with my work on my phone. But the day after I got back, I found myself lying on the floor in a pool of blood. I had passed out and banged my head on the way down. I had broken cheekbone and needed five stiches.’ Says editor-in-chief of a famous magazine.

The truth is, lack of sleep has become some sort of virility symbol. I once had dinner with a man who bragged to me that he’d only had four hours’ sleep the previous night. I resisted the temptation to tell him that dinner might have been a lot more interesting if he’d had five.

We should become a sleep evangelist, because there’s practically no aspect of life that’s not improved by sleep and, accordingly diminished by a lack of it.

A skincare company reported that women who get a poor night’s sleep on Monday, reach a low point by Wednesday, when they will look their oldest, have their lowest energy levels and feel most stressed. Lack of sleep is affecting everything from relationships to productivity.


You kind of live on overdrive for so long that you don’t even recognize it. If you ever get completely stressed out, sit down and start breathing very rhythmically. Yogic philosophy says that your mind can only be as calm as your breathing is deep. And when your breathing is very shallow you can guarantee that your mind is running, running, running. This has a direct effect on the nervous system, calming it down along with your heart rate.

Another tip is kundalini yoga, which is very focused on the breath and stretching exercises- it’s particularly good for flexibility as you age.

Mindfulness- a form of meditation- has been found to prevent depression recurrence.


‘Weight training is a fast track way to tone muscles and improve body shape, making you thinner and fitter. I do three weight sessions a week with eight or 10 repetitions of each exercise in moderation, but I take care to listen to my body’, says a professional nutritionist. We should make sure that we have the fundamentals in place rather than reaching for supplements. They are really only appropriate for a very small percentage of people who don’t have balanced meals.


However, if you can’t get outside for a while you can take a vitamin D tablet or multi vitamin if people around you are having a cold. Make sure you always have a portion of berries, such as blueberries. They are easily available in supermarkets and are affordable. They are high in polyphenols, which are plant compound that are powerful anti- inflammatories. They help improve blood flow and boost immunity. Always carry a bag of nut, particularly walnuts or cashews or almonds as they provide essential fats, iron, and proteins.


Start your day with Surya namaskar, it is a total workout in a very short duration. It loosens you up, gives you a flexible back, and gets rid of any tension in your lower back when you first get out of bed. Anyone can do it- you can sign up for classes, learn about it in a book or watch a DVD or online film. It’s a very good sequence that keeps you really flexible. And it’s never too late to start learning. The secret is to go at your own pace and just do enough to feel the stretch. It’s all about listening to your body.

These days people spend so much time craning over computers and phones that they put a lot of pressure on their shoulder and neck, leading to headaches and backache. Yoga can really help relieve that tension.


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