Wise Ways For A Happier World

Wise Ways

Wise Ways

  1.  Learn to have a good and decent demeanor, not money, because at the end of it there are just four people who take you to the grave.
  2. Don’t share your sorrows and misfortune with others, because balm and liniment are found in one or two homes, but salt is available every home.
  3. Nothing is available in life without toil, even your shadow gets produced by the the hot sunlight. You need to be baked.
  4. The humans are recognized by their good works and achievements, and not by donning on the expensive clothes. Remember that even the  window shop statues wear very dear clothes but no body ever cares for them.
  5. If wearing dirty or soiled clothes make us feel embarrassed then by having dirty and unhealthy thoughts  we should get ashamed.
  6. The false notion that the whole garden belonged to me but later on had realized that the wind had the right over the dry leaves.
  7. Do not ask/ponder when the life will reward and make you happy, but even those who have everything from life have grievances and complaints about the life.
  8. Good Ideas do not have the effect on the society because the writers and readers of such ideas believe and understand that these ideas are meant for others.  not for them.
  9. Friends never be proud of your talent and skill as when a stone falls in water it sinks to the bottom due to its own weight.
  10.  Remaining happy is the sign of being Wise
  11. Wise men have many chances to get ahead in life  but they make more chances for others to advance.


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