Manage Happiness Through Exercise, Friends, Music, and Flowers


It is essential to one should have a regular daily routine otherwise one is prone to acquire sickness. Arising after a sound, restful sleep a healthy person follows a definite schedule for the day to day life to maintain a good health. It is recommended to have two glasses of water from a copper vessel. Have warm water in colder weather. While defecating clench the teeth tight that will strengthen the teeth and gums. Do not put pressure on the anus that may result in piles. Clean your teeth with paste or traditional wooden brush. After that go for exercise.


Exercise for twenty minutes in every twenty-four hours does make you happy. According to research carried out, the feel-good hormone serotonin gets increased during the secretion and therefore make one more comfortable. Serotonin is sometimes called the happiness hormone. Serotonin regulates the mood, prevents depression and makes you feel comfortable with the surroundings. Serotonin gets released by getting exposed to sunlight, by eating foods rich in carbohydrates and by exercising. It is natural after exercise one can get sound sleep later on retiring.

When friends are Happy You get Happy as well: It is better not to walk alone in darkness but with a friend. (Helen Keller) As per a research paper in the British Medical Journal, if your close friends are happy then your happiness increases, not only this your happiness increases if people around are happy.

Music provides wings to the brain: It makes the imagination to soar higher realm of thoughts.: An article quoted in the Journal of Positive Psychology affirms that those who hear and enjoy fast beats’ music played with enthusiasm are capable of remaining in a positive mood. Music is so great that it brings people together. The world over, it is felt widely that Europeans, Americans, Asians, Africans or People of Far East all unite and enjoy music without any distinction.

There is Happiness in the Fragrance of Flowers:   A Research of Florida University says that there is a beneficial effect on our emotions by the fragrance of flowers. Additionally, the fragrance impels you to do something good for others.

Joyfulness and happiness is not a terminal you arrive at, but a way of traveling


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