5th June the World Environment Day

We all know that man’s evolution on planet earth has effected the environments in a negative manner. Natural environment(ecology) was always an example for man to follow and keep. Instead he has misused natural surrounding through industrialization, smoke emission of poisonous gases and industrial chemical waste. The pollution caused has been spoiling the mother earth’s very meaningful existence including its organism. The ozone layer has been depleting slowly as it is holed resulting in disastrous effects on the inhabitants and the living organism. This ozone layer absorbs the Sun‘s ultraviolet light dangerous for the organic life on earth. Thus on being holed the absorption power of ozone layer is weakened.

The water from natural sources, while coming down from the mountains  is pure on reaching the plains, it is highly polluted due to industrial use, toilet water, filth and dirt making the water worse by chemicals in it.  The natural mountain water which is all clean as long it is available in the mountains, becomes soiled and stinks in the plains due to misuse in factories and domestic regions.

The government grants to keep the environment clean namely flora and fauna, rivers and jungles etc are systematically siphoned by greedy, unethical politicians, officials and the contractors. All the machinery of governance is tainted. There may be a few exceptions and thats how only 10-15 percent of the alloted funds reach down for the work.

To improve the environments, Saint Sri Seechaival in Punjab, India has set an example and shown how to keep River Veyi clean. This river is related to Guru Nanak who it is said had dipped and disappeared for three days. During his disappearance he is said to have attained Oneness with a the Almighty God. On his reappearance his first uttering were  “whole human race is one and all should be treated equally”.

Today one can be inspired by the example set by Saint Sri Seechaival. Ex-president of India Abdul Kalam who had after taking a tour of the area advised us to follow this cleansing effort for maintaining ecological balance. He lauded the working example of Saint Sri Seechaival preserving the environment.

All human should get involved in planting at least one tree in life and also support the Government policies by cooperating and keeping the ecology environmentally clean.


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