Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea (Camellia Sinensis)is made from the leaves of the plant. It is generally and to specific effect water-soluble compounds.

It is usually extracted from water-soluble also called catechins.

Benefits of Green tea


Green tea (Camellia Sinensis) is a plant usually steeped in simmering water and drunk as tea. It exerts most of its advantages through water-soluble polyphenols (often assigned to as catechins) obtained from the leaves, into the water, which is then drunk. The water and leaves boiled and proved to benefit from heart-related problems. The benefit varies from blood vessel health, cardioprotective, liver protective, neuroprotective, anti-atherogenic, anti-obesity,anti-diabetic, anti-carcinogenic and obesity.

  1. Whenever you are tired after work, and you need freshness, take a small break and drink a cup of green tea. You will notice and feel vigor and freshness.
  2. If you are obese, your fat is bound to reduce by 15 to 20% if you drink the green tea. Many scientists all over the world have confirmed that the green tea benefits breast cancer and many other cancers. It means that if you regularly have green tea, then the chances of cancer reduce considerably.
  3. By having this green tea, the cholesterol and the blood sugar remain balanced. The diabetes patient should have this drink on a daily basis.
  4. BY having green tea regularly, the teeth and gums remain strong until the old age. The tea whitens the yellowish tint of the teeth.
  5. If one wants to remain young and not be affected in the old age with wrinkles, one should have the tea on a daily basis.By the regular the intake of the green tea the wrinkles do not form even in the old age.Green tea’s most significant benefit?

The most prominent benefit of green lies in its catechin content; the catechins are disease-fighting flavonoid antioxidants that combat and may even neutralize cell contamination. Green tea is prepared just before its intake in the vessel to give its benefits.


The harmful effects of Green tea.

  1. Too much of green tea would enhance the chances of miscarriage. Having more than two cups a day would prove to be dangerous for the pregnant ladies because of caffeine in the drink, but the strength of caffeine is far less than the coffee. Having too much of green tea results in many diseases.
  2. Green tea has the side effects of having stomach upset, sleeplessness, vomiting and motions and many other health problems can take place.
  3. The hemoglobin in blood dive and reduce. This notion may seem strange, but it is a fact indeed that having much of green tea the absorption of iron gets upset. Because of the deficiency of hemoglobin, the following events may take place.The tannin particles in the green tea obstruct the absorption of iron. That would result in any or all the following deficiencies.Fatigue and tiredness, Shortness of breath, Depression, Restless leg syndrome, Frequent headaches increased sensitivity to cold.The oxalic acid found in the green tea may cause to make the stone in the kidney.

Because in green tea there is calcium, uric acid, amino acid, and phosphorus. They combine with Apocholic acid to form the stone in the kidneys. By having too much of green tea, calcium quantity enhances that goes out of the body through the medium of urine thereby causing the deficiency of calcium in the body. That results in diseases like osteoporosis. So it would be right to have the correct quantity, not over two cups a day, of green tea.



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