The Best Makeup Brush and Brush Sets in 2018

You are beautiful. Makeup enhances your personality, provides you with invaluable precision boost and boosts confidence. Makeup is an art. It makes your skin look flawless. Makeup brushes are your tools.  A great brush can bring a fantastic difference in no time. These brushes are designed to blend out eyeshadow, contour, and a buff way to the perfect foundation. You must have noticed that a makeup artist has a full set of brushes. Some are fluffy and big to dust powder along cheekbones whereas some as ultra-precise for creating most fine lip lines. Every seasoned professional or just a beginner needs a brilliant brush to assist with beauty technique. But you need to be careful with the selection of individual brushes or the sets or skin may look extremely patchy.

To allow you to apply the right amount of product your bush should be soft with flexible bristles so that to hold their shapes well. Also, you need a comfortable handle that will help you to adjust your grips from loose to tight as required. You usually need to grip tight to apply eyeliner and for application of finishing powder or blush your control needs to be loose.

Here we have a list of best makeup brushes that are stylish and functional. You can select individual or sets of reliable brushes according to your need and what fits your budget to add to your arsenal.

4 Best makeup-brushes

1. Sephora collection

Sephora offers a reliable collection of brushes that are long and slim with a tapered handle making them easy to hold and adjust the level of your precision. These brushes deposits smooth and even makeup. These brushes are denser and softer. After washing there is minimal shedding and the shape are well maintained. You may not find the designs of Sephora brushes trendy but its classic. Each Sephora brush is provided with a locking cap that prevents it from being crushed during travelling and also keeps them clean.

If you want to buy’ Sephora collection Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set’ you will get:

Powder brush

– Foundation brush

– Concealer brush

– Eye blender brush

– Flat eyeliner brush

– Brow/lash comb

– Eye/lip liner brush

– Angled eye shadow brush

– Cracked effect leather brush pouch

Each brush has the cutting-edge antimicrobial technology as they are treated with a hypoallergenic and non-toxic compound that destroys germs. This technique keeps the brushes fresh for a longer time so that it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

The leather pouch provided along with the brushes keep them clean and organized.

Buy Now – Price: $116

2. Tom Ford

The quality of cosmetic brushes Tom Ford offers will mesmerize you. The brushes are very soft with dense bristles. The red-brown handle, white hairs, and metal ferrules add-on to its beauty. You may find Tom Ford’s make-up brushes pricey but worthy as they give a level of precision. They do not soak makeup making every bit of the product. Despite its white color, the brushes are easy to clean and sheds zero hairs on washing. After drying, they are back into their shape. Handles are designed for balance and comfort.

You may buy separate Tom Ford cosmetic-brushes according to your need and budget from Amazon by clicking the link given below.

*Please note the eyeliner brush by Tom Ford has been discontinued.

Buy Now – Price: $50-$115 per brush

3. Chanel

Chanel make-up brushes are higher quality and luxury. You will love its precise eyeliner brush. Channel brushes a dense, soft bristle, without shedding and provides smooth application. Chanel is your choice if you are looking something between Sephora and Tom Ford and if you are well acknowledged with what kind of brushes you need and use.

Buy Now – Price: $32-$60

4. Sonia Kashuk

If you have a limited budget and can’t spend much Sonia Kashuk’s makeup brush set is the best choice for you. The range is diverse, and you will find performance better than many renowned brands. The blush and foundation brush is outstanding as they provide the non-streaky and smooth application. The eyeliner brush is also dense and will help you to apply dark and thin precise lines. The brushes are easy to clean. You may not find handles much contoured, but the design guides your hand towards balancing and proper positioning.

Buy Now – Price: $2-$18

Apart from top 4 picks, we have also listed of few more options available on Amazon that will fit your budget and need. Have a look.

4 Best Brush Sets

1. Marc Jacobs Brush Set

t’s a five-piece brush collection. Brushes are dense and create a flawless complexion. They are made up of high-quality synthetic material and do not shed on washing. Eye brushes deliver luxurious and smoky eyes. Marc Jacobs travel size brush set includes:

  • Face brush to apply powder, bronzer or blush.
  • Foundation brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Eyeshadow crease brush
  • Eyeliner brush

These brushes come in an emerald green vegan patent leather pouch that is zipped with a swinging silky tassel.

Buy Now – Price: $285.10

2. EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

Cosmetic brushes by EmaxDesign leaves flawless finish enhancing your natural beauty. The brushes are made up with premium synthetic fiber materials and high-quality bamboo handles. They are hand-made by professional makeup artists. The brushes are perfect for applying foundation, face powder, creams or eye makeup application. As long as you own the brushes, you won’t find them shedding.

The set includes:

  • Foundation brush
  • Big eyeshadow brush
  • High light brush
  • Eye smudge brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Small eyeshadow brush
  • Blusher brush
  • Eyelash brush
  • Multifunction foundation brush
  • Multifunction blush brush
  • Mini Kabuki brush

Buy Now – Price: $10.99 for 12 piece brush set

3. ZOREYA(TM) Makeup Brush set

The set provides you with 15 brushes made up of real walnut handle making it stable and durable. The dark brown color of walnut renders them a classy look. The bristles are made up of 100 percent cruelty-free synthetic material that maximizes the cream or liquid application. The brushes are made up of professionally designed soft and smooth hypoallergenic premium brush hair that can even pick the makeup powders efficiently without wasting your product.

Buy Now – Price: $19.99 for set of 15 brushes

The set includes:

  • Powder/Blush brush
  • Angled contour brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Large Shader Brush
  • Medium Shader Brush
  • Blending brush
  • Short shader
  • Angled brow brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Smudge eye sponge brush
  • Small fan brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Lip liner brush
  • Brow and lash brush
  • Brow Comb brush
  • High-quality vegan leather case

4. E.L.F

If your budget is very tight you can go for E.L.F. You will find the brushes dense and applies product smoothly and evenly. E.L.F eyeliner brush, however, is not suggested as it is wide and soft and you will end up with messy and thick streaks. One more con is that the glue tends to get loose and with time the heads of the brushes fall off the handles.

So the only reason you will be buying E.L.F makeup brush is your tight budget.

Buy Now – Price: $12 for set of 12 brushes

The set includes:

  • Concealer brush
  • Blush/bronzer brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Smudge eye sponge
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Blending eye brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Total face brush
  • Defining eye brush
  • Eyelash and brow wand
  • Lip defining brush
  • Brow comb and brush.


Hope our article helped you to make your choice for the best make-up brush. Always remember for a long life of cosmetic brushes avoid storing them in damp or dark places and wash them at least once a week with warm water and mild shampoo and then leave them in the open air to dry. Keep them away from heat sources.


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