How in the World a School Turn Out Excellent Achievers ?


You will be astounded to know the achievement of a brilliant girl student Nina Jaiswal who completed @ the age of eight completed 10th class, @ 10-Intermediate, @ 13 Graduation, @ 15-PG and now @ 17 doing her Ph.D. She can write with both the hands, play Piana and cook Hyderabadi Biryani in flat 25 minutes. She is the national and Asian Table tennis champion.  She speaks fluently in Hindi and English and can express like a poet the feelings and speak in idiomatic expressions with a touch of class. She is the product of Genesis Global School. Noida.UP, India She is grateful to the school for her overall education.Watch her on the video underneath.


The activities and the curriculum: They will make you wonder and take note of developing the free expression that well up in the students for being thinkers to express themselves. The school offers 21 sports to participate and learn. The opportunities are so much that students have many events to attend.  It is probably the best Day and Boarding school in the National Capital Region (NCR). It is a Day cum residential school having a 30 acres’ campus infrastructure located close to Delhi. The school has three different modes of educational boards.1. CBSE 2 CIE and IB. All those connected to run the school include the Students, teaching staff, Instructors and employees with a collaboration with Clifton College, UK, Round square and the Indian Public Schools Conference.

The school makes it possible for students to experience opportunities in the school labs, extracurricular activities like games in proper playfields, stage and theatre with the emphasis on music vocal and instrumentals, extracurricular activities, and elocution contests, technology labs, having different hobby clubs. Activities include science and arts, strenuous physical activities like swimming, carpentry, painting and computer with added aeromodelling and ship modeling, gardening and care for the environment. The students participate in activities depending on the weather at any time of the year with a special touch in sports and athletics.

Overseas exchanges bring the students face to face with the children from other countries around the world. 1500 seats offer two dining halls for students and staff to eat in a serene atmosphere. The clean and modern kitchens have so much to provide to add and share food from different regions of India giving best nutritional value to all. A particular emphasis is placed on the monitoring the practices followed for the process of cooking.

The students come from different parts of India and abroad having 250-bed s in the hostels having house parents closely watching and caring for the boys and girls(separately) as boarders. The full-time doctor with day and night nurses attend to the infirmary with eight beds with complete facilities.  There is an isolation ward having a tie-up with nearby super specialty Max Hospital.

The campus has placed over 200 cameras supported by the security system to keep a check on movements of those in the school premises, round the clock with CCTV. The school buses are tracked throughout by BTS system, and younger students are closely watched and helped as necessary. The university placement cell assists the students on completion of their studies. Genesis Global School has a  tie-up with St. Andrews, Scotland and Middlesex University in London. The students are bound to do very well as you can see the given video of Naina Jaiswal showing the caliber of school students to reach heights of excellence in various walks of life.


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