Why use Saliva for Hormone Testing?

Saliva Hormone

The level of testosterone in a man’s body will start to decrease by 1% per year from the moment they turn 30. This is just one example of how hormone levels change.

As well as aging there are many different conditions which can cause an imbalance in your hormones. But you can’t be certain regarding any issue or the success of treatment without having hormone testing done. This is the only way you can establish the issue and see if your actions can correct the imbalance.

It doesn’t matter if you take prescription medication or natural alternatives; you need to know they are being effective.

How Hormone Testing Is Completed

Saliva Hormone

This is something you should consider having done periodically even f you feel fit and healthy.

  • Saliva

This is a very easy way to test your saliva levels at home. Simply put a swab in your mouth until it is saturated then seal it into the bag provided with the kit and send it to the lab.

  • Blood

This will need to be completed by your doctor or nurse. It is also very simple; a needle is inserted into your vein and a small amount of blood taken.

It is worth noting that drawing blood to test hormones is limited by the amount of hormones in the body at a given time.

  • Urine

Testing your hormone levels through urine is easy, simply fill a small container with a urine sample then repeat 8 hours later and again another 8 hours later. This gives a 24 hour picture of your hormone levels.

However, it does record hormone levels leaving the body which might not be exactly the same as those kept in the body.

Why Choose The Saliva Method

The truth is that none of these tests are perfect, some are better at picking other specific hormones than others. However, testing via saliva is exceptionally easy.

You can order the kit online for very little money and take the test at home at your own convenience. Then all you need to do is post it and wait a few days for the results.

It is often said that blood testing is the golden standard for hormone testing. But, you don’t need to request or fight for an appointment to have your hormones tested if you choose to use a saliva kit at home.

Saliva testing is the best way of looking at your overall hormone levels and comparing them with your last test results. If you are fit and healthy your doctor might not feel the need for you to be tested but this is actually the most important time to assess your hormone levels.

You will be able to establish your normal levels and notice any changes. This can then be followed up if necessary.

Saliva testing allows you to do this at home when it suits you. The fact that it is one of the most accurate ways of assessing cortisol levels and there is a huge amount of evidence supporting its accuracy when testing DHEA and testosterone is simply a bonus!


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