Wonderful Ten Things Every Day To Make You Happy

  1. Say You Look Goodman: Every morning after getting ready and in front of the mirror before getting away say “You look good man./ woman – you will start feeling better – try it.
  2. What a beautiful day it is: While going out in a car, bus or subway or by any mode of travel, just look around with all the love you have to say “what a lovely day it is”. You will start feeling that actually that the day is beautiful – just do it to experience.
  3. Pay somebody a compliment: Generally, we all are a miser to pay tributes to others. If you want to have a beautiful day, then it is necessary to make somebody’s else’s day great. “Your smile is so good” is a way to wish somebody that will bring a smile on his face.
  4. Thank God: Expressing gratitude and thanks to the Almighty God, Bhagwan, Allah, Waheguru or Rabb or your God, will make you feel good. Just saying it once will not suffice, but you need to remind yourself to thank Him.Recite it as many times as possible during the day with an interval and experience the invigorating effect on your being.
  5. May I Help you: We are so caught up in our problems and in stress the whole day. We do not know much about others. Won’t you feel good when somebody turns up and ask you”? ” May I Help You”? Try this with others and help out somebody with his problem, rest assured, you will feel terrific and elated in your spirits.
  6. I love You: Ok, tell me something, do you like someone, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, son, daughter, a friend,  girl or boyfriend, a pet or any other human being? Why don’t you say so, what do you lose in saying so? Say I love you. It is such a phrase that you can tell your near and dear one more than once a day. It will make your day superb.
  7. Life is precious: It is a fact, we have not done anything to get this life. That is why we do not value it but sigh at times what is it and say there is nothing worth in life. But life is precious; we have all the food, fresh fruits, fresh air, water, sun, moon, nature, art, music and culture, house to live in, relations of family, friends. All of those that make life so inestimable.It is necessary to remind oneself during each day that the life is precious. When you say so, you will realise how valuable is life.
  8. I can do it: There are times when you feel that you can not cope up with things or happenings around and sense not to do anything. That’s the time you utter loudly to yourself I can do it. You can do every job when you make up your mind.
  9. Nothing is constant: It is a fact one needs to get reminded continuously that nothing stays forever, everything changes. Whatever is today will change and whatever happens tomorrow that does not exist today. Nothing is constant. Change is inevitable.
  10. Thank You: Last but not the least thank you for reading this write up. Whenever it comes to mind, say thank you bring this phrase on your tongue. The number of time you say thank you, your day will become useful for the same number of times.


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