6 Ways to get Healthy and Refreshed Morning

You all will agree that if the morning is pleasant and enthusiastic the whole day is going to be a lot fun and happy. When you wake up in the morning and not feeling fresh it can lead to a bad day. So here are some tips which can make your mornings good and will help you in starting your day with lots of zeal and plans in your mind.

Before you go to Sleep:

Try to go to bed at time in night and have sufficient sleep to remove mental and physical tiredness. If you want to have a sound sleep then this is the most important thing you should do. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine and using any type of gadget or electronic item like television, mobile, laptop or anything 20 minutes before you go to sleep. Using these items will make your mind active while you are going to sleep and will disturb you in sleeping.

Avoid Using Snooze Button:

Try to wake up with your alarm. Pressing snooze button again and again can make you feel more tired as you will try to sleep for 10 minutes and you will be disturbed after every 10 minutes. This feel make you tired both physically and mentally. So try to wake up at first call from your alarm clock.

Stretch your Body:

It is not necessary to do it on some mat; you can try it in your bed. Stretch your arms and legs and neck. This will help in improving your blood circulation after a long rest and your body will be energized.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Keep a bottle with you before you go to sleep and when you wake up drink this water. This will make you feel fresh and will also clean your blood. Say thanks to god for giving you one more beautiful day to fulfill your dreams.

Jot it Down:

Keep a diary and pen near you so that when you wake up in the morning you can make a plan for the day and can prepare your to do list for the day. You can also share your dreams with your diary if you have enough time to do this.


Nothing can be better than this. Try to do some breathing exercises and some yoga postures to make your each nerves and cell active and making your body relaxed. Yoga will help you in starting your day with zeal and enthusiasm.


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