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loved one

Recently it has been confirmed that holding hands of loved ones match the brain waves that result in relaxing and reducing pain and sorrow of persons involved. Research of the University of Colorado, at Boulder and the University of Haifa,  have established that whenever any person holds the hands of loved ones, the brainwaves and heartbeats of both matches and relax the minds.The research team leader Prof Pavel Goldstein says that we are living in modern communication era wherein we can join through the plenty of means of interacting with the phone and social media. But in this communication era, we have forgotten the physical communication.

loved one


In the research, it got established that we need to enhance the interpersonal communication between two people. The document appeared in the scientific Journal called PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). Under the circumstances, the findings prove that the interpersonal communication between two beings brings about a happier world.

For the first time, it got clinically proved that holding hands of a loved person the pain and sorrow reduce in peoples’ lives. The University of Colorado has deduced that whenever a person holds the hands of a loved one, the brainwave and heartbeat comes in a rhythm. That is why keeping hands both persons feel relieved of mental and physical pain. The faster both the brain waves and heartbeat fall into a rhythm the pain reduces at the same rapid rate.

The scientists’ team had chosen 22 people between the ages of 23 and 32 who were together for at least 12 months to sit for a series of different meets. They were passing through some mental and or bodily pain. The participants got paired with two persons each. Then each group’s persons were examined for three different situations. In the first phase, the persons were asked to sit in separate rooms. In the second phase,  they were asked to sit in an enclosed place together but at a distance from each other. In the third stage, they were permitted to hold hands. The scientists named the brain wave exchanging process EEG or electroencephalography. Immediately, after the test, it was found that the mental condition of the persons holding hands got harmonious and the pain had started to subside.

It got proved by the mentioned research team that brain waves or the vibration synchronise ( sync up) thus help in pain elimination. Not only that even the heartbeats of both also get in unison and sorrow gets pushed out. Holding hands is one of the favourites, and homeliest postures loved ones usually make.  Walking down an alley, on a garden or beach walk, viewing a  video or a movie, it is so familiar to share the feelings for each other for the togetherness.

There’s more to it. That is, if one of those companions was in distress, beginning to hold hands indeed caused the pain to start moving away. “All of us are aware that the scientific community developed a lot of ways to interact in the contemporary world and we seldom have fleshly interactions,” said lead author Pavel Goldstein, a postdoctoral pain researcher at CU Boulder,  in a press note. This research  paper demonstrates the power and influence of human touch.”

They were asked to don EEG caps to calibrate their brainwave activity, 1)the pairs sat in a place without touching, 2) relaxed with each other holding hands and 3) sat in entirely different rooms.Later they repeated the same action, with the lady who got subjected to a mild, gentle heat-induced cramp on her arm. The results were positive and as expected for the pain to disappear. 

Remaining in the one room seemed to cause particular brain waves to synchronise, the investigators say, but if the two companions held hands, the brain waves began harmonising to the maximum. In case one of the partners was in distress. However, the brainwaves quit synchronising – that is, until they started to catch hands again.

“It seems that pain discontinues this interpersonal sync up between couples and touching brings it back,” Goldstein said in the release. “You may display understanding for a partner’s pain, but without touch, it may not get completely revealed.” sync up. The investigation did not examine whether the same effect would transpire with same-sex pairs or in other sorts of relationships.

The research backs up the earlier investigation that found hand-holding led the partner’s heart rates to sync up – and to sync up even more if one partner was in pain.The reason why this happens is not understood,  and scientists say more experimentation is needed to find some precise causes. But Goldstein has unusual ideas. “Interpersonal touch may blur the borders between self and other,” he wrote, adding that touch can make a person feel understood, which causes a hit of chemicals in the brain that can dull pain.


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