Fitness News: Effects of Steroids on the Body


As more and more fitness enthusiasts keep on taking steroids to enhance their performance, this still remains a concern for most regulatory bodies that handle drugs and controlled substances. The main concern with steroids is that there are almost an equal number of illegal steroids as there are the legit and legal ones.

As more of the legit steroids like pct get cleared for use, people can now breathe a sigh of relief about the potential dangers of misuse. So, it is crucial to mention the effects steroids will have on your body when you start using them. Read on to find out.


Effects of Anabolic Steroid Abuse


Most of the people in fitness have probably heard of or come across anabolic steroids. They are the most popular ones on the market today. They are synthetic and made to imitate the functions of testosterone in the body. In most cases, these steroids are medically used to regulate the hormone when the patient is sick.

When used to enhance performance or change various functions of the body, people can have several changes depending on the level of use. Abusing anabolic steroids in any other way above the normal prescription will lead to several effects.

The excess gain of muscles–we have all seen headlines about bodybuilders who took things too far. With the increased use of anabolic steroids, one will grow more muscles as long as he or she exercises well. Some muscles may become disproportionately large if the use is excessive.

Abnormal increase in athletes’ performance–antidoping bodies across the world are always finding sportsmen and women who have traces of anabolic steroids. This means that they have far more advantage than others in the race, which is not fair. Therefore, they are expelled until the effect is cleared from their system.

Heart problems caused by excess use–anabolic steroids make the body operate at a faster pace than normal. Blood will get pumped more quickly, and the metabolism will go up. Use in large amounts can lead to the rupture of the heart and arteries, which can be fatal.


Short-Term Effects of Steroids

All steroids are likely to cause some effects to your body whether you use them in the right or wrong way. Most experts will not hesitate to tell you that acne is the number one effect. Since there is an effect on hormones, then you can expect to have this as a result. Women may begin to develop male qualities like the growth of muscles and hair especially when they use testosterone-based steroids. Mood swings also start to occur as soon as hormones are altered.


Long-Term Effects of Steroids

While the above-discussed effects will continue to be apparent in the long term, other effects will gradually arise. Both men and women can develop fertility challenges depending on the steroids they use, how often they use them and the amount they use every time.

Both men and women using steroids heavily have a high chance of having strokes and heart attacks. To minimize these chances to a controllable level, it is crucial to heed the advice given by the experts.


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