BACCs benefits


BCAAs or branched-chain amino acid supplements have made its come back in fitness and bodybuilding community. Mostly branched-chain amino acid supplements are taken by the bodybuilders who take physique to lean extreme and need to achieve muscle mass along with shedding extra fat. These supplements help you gain skeletal muscle if you are on a calorie deficient diet.

Let us learn BACCs benefits in detail.


What are BCAAs

BCAAs refers to 3 essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucines and valine. Essential amino acids are not made by our body and are derived from ingested foods and supplements. There are nine essential fatty acids.


When you cut down calories, your body goes into a catabolic state.  Due to reduced energy intake level and decreased glycogen store the synthesis of muscle protein decreases. If the rate of synthesis is lower than the rate of breakdown, it leads to muscle loss. Valine, isoleucine and leucine are essential amino acids with chemical representation as branched side chains that simplifies the conversion of energy during intense exercises. They release energy, slows the breakdown of muscle cells and prevent muscle loss.


What are BCAAs benefits

  1. Escalates the synthesis of proteins- Protein synthesis is a metabolic process of integration of new muscle proteins by our body. Leucine promotes the growth of muscles and repair. It escalated protein synthesis. It helps in the absorption and breaks down of essential amino acids so that your body can function. This, in turn, speeds the process of protein synthesis and strengthen the muscles.
  2. Prevents protein breakdown – Increased BCAAs level reduces the protein breakdown by lowering the protein breakdown pathway activity. It also decreases complexes that are involved in the breakdown of protein.
  3. Improves the function of the brain – In a patient suffering from liver disease, lower level of brain functions can be enhanced by oral administration of BCAA foods and supplements.
  4. Treats anorexia – Anorexia entails severe muscle loss. As BCAAs prevent muscle loss, it also manages anorexia. They are also beneficial in treating anorexic tendency is cancer patients.
  5. Supports fat loss and fat burning – Leucine increases fat oxidation and energy expenditure. Isoleucine, on the other hand, improves glucose intolerance. More is the fat mobilisation more flexible is fat metabolism.
  6. Reduces workout fatigue – BCAAs are a referred to the post and pre-workout session. It increases the energy level for those working out for sports or fitness. It decreases the amount of serotonin hormone that makes you feel fatigued and tired. Thus it boosts fitness and athletic performance.
  7. Prevents muscle inflammation – When you work hard your muscles sore. Branched-chain amino acid supplements avert muscle inflammation.
  8. Treats muscle disorders – It has been found that when BCAA food or supplement was added to the diet of patients with muscle disorders such as tardive dyskinesia, their condition improved.

Despite the above mentioned BACCS benefits we recommend you to consult your doctor and fitness expert before taking. When and how much to take depends on your body need. Branched-chain amino acid supplements are given in specific treatment or fitness regime and can be consumed orally up to six months. There are no noticeable side effects unless taken for a long time. Avoid ingesting them in large quantity as there are chances of mental impediments and seizures.

Avoid taking BCAAs pre and post surgery. Children, pregnant women and lactating mothers better avoid them. Also, they are not recommended for chronic alcoholic people.

In case you experience any side effect on consuming BCAAs consult your doctor immediately.


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