Services Offered by Online Pharmacies That Make Life Simpler

online pharmacies

The world is getting digitally inclined, and it has now become easier to shop online. With the advent of the internet, there have come several marketplaces across various sectors that are simplifying the process of online shopping. Online pharmacies in India are becoming the go-to marketplace for buying medicines. They not only make the entire process simpler but also provide the best possible price for medicines.

online pharmacies


Furthermore, some online pharmacies also provide more than just medicines. They are a complete portal to go to for all healthcare needs. One such online pharmacy is 1mg which provides numerous services in healthcare.

Let’s take a look at the services offered by online pharmacies that make life much more straightforward:


1.Medicines Ordering

The most obvious service as denoted by the name of online pharmacy is medicine ordering. Today, people can buy medicines online with just a few clicks. Moreover, users can upload a prescription and get prescribed medicines quickly while shopping online on these marketplaces. It is both a comfortable and convenient process that eliminates the process of going down a brick and mortar medical store. Online pharmacies like 1mg have a proactive service and quickly deliver medicines right at the doorstep. One can also find cheaper generics drugs and substitutes, and get additional discounts when ordering medicines online.


2.Lab Tests @ Home

Yes, some online pharmacies like 1mg are known for providing extensive lab tests at home. They have various personalized test packages at highly competitive prices that can be booked right from home. This service allows users to avoid travelling and get their tests done from home. Even the reports are made available online, and users can track their condition. Now users do not have to wait for long hours standing in a queue waiting for their turn to give a blood sample.


3.Book Appointments with Doctors Online

Online pharmacies not just provide with medicines or lab tests anymore. Users can even book appointments with doctors online through 1mg – an online pharmacy in India. People will find specialised doctors when buying medicines online on 1mg. From gynaecologist to a dietician, neurologist child specialist; one can book an appointment with any specialist through online pharmacies.


4.Online Consultation

You can also solve your medical problems quickly and easily by consulting verified doctors online from anywhere for free. Simply chat privately with 1mg’s registered medical specialists to connect directly with verified doctors, and get quick, personalised advice. Privacy is guaranteed.


5.Medical Devices

Medical devices are getting more user-friendly due to the advent of technology. People can check their blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse right at their home with the use of medical devices. Online pharmacies now sell medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, oximeters, pedometers, thermometers, and even physiotherapy products. These devices are available at competitive prices from most online pharmacies. Furthermore, medical equipment like stethoscopes, thermometers, syringes etc. are also available at online medical stores.



Most online pharmacies offer a plethora of information on their blogs. However, even though it is not really a service, relevant information is always welcome, especially in case of medical facilities. Users can look for blogs of online pharmacies and find information on drugs, medical conditions and prescription medicines. 1mg – an online pharmacy has a separate section on their blog where users will find information on healthcare and trivia about most diseases. Moreover, the blog is available in both English and Hindi language. For people who want to keep themselves informed about various diseases and their treatment options, can look at these blogs for relevant information.

It is no doubt that online pharmacies are changing the face of buying medicines and are preferable for several reasons. Not only do they offer various products, medicines, and services; but, are also informative. Users can book an appointment with doctors without any hassle. Most online pharmacies are quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs, and with the advent of technology, these platforms will only grow further and increase services rendered to the users.



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