Top 3 occupational diseases among female and male office workers


Office work is considered a lucky option. Spending working days in a comfortable environment, more pleasant than a construction site or a storefront, sounds great. However, office workers are exposed to occupational diseases. Pay attention to the symptoms and consult a doctor if you note any.

When you are in a relationship, you feel the contrast between the office and home. Both make you feel good. But neither working, nor dating will make you happy, unless you are healthy. By the way, some people manage to mix office work and romantic relationship without violating office rules. They simply use online services like Romance Compass during breaks. At first glance, it seems that you spend all day in a warm environment, do not get cold, your legs do not hurt because you may sit all day, the work is far from not harmful manufacturing, and therefore does not harm the health. But it turns out that the office can lead to various diseases. So let’s discuss the most widespread ones.


1. Violation of the circulatory system and increased fatigue

Office is a place where large number of people gathers, including employees and clients. The crowd makes the place feel stuffy even if this is the beginning of the working day. The lack of oxygen causes its low circulation in the blood, which leads to increased fatigue, drowsiness and headache. People with weak blood vessels may even suffer from fainting.

Most offices have air conditioners supposed to solve this problem. Indeed, there is no sultry, but the humidity of the air is significantly reduced, which again leads to a violation of blood circulation. The conditioned air can also cause respiratory and skin diseases. In this case, it is necessary to use special humidifiers and drink more water or acidified lemon juice during the day.

Today we can talk about a whole complex of health disorders associated with a prolonged stay in the office – the so-called syndrome of chronic fatigue. The only salvation here is a full rest. Try not to take your work home, otherwise you will not be able to switch, and, therefore, to rest. The most effective remedy for preventing chronic fatigue is the ability to relax completely and rest actively.

2. Spinal curvature

Office work is a desk work, which makes it sedentary and unhealthy for your back. A great number of employees slouch and stretch their neck (to see the monitor better), which leads to an incorrect body posture and, as a consequence, a curvature of the spine. Another problem is that sedentary work leads to intervertebral discs disorders and pinched nerves.

After a while, this can disrupt the work of other organs, including the heart, because the spine serves as a support for the entire body of a person, and its wrong position displaces all organs. The most unpleasant consequence is osteochondrosis, which causes further pain in the back, neck and even arms and legs joints.

In order to avoid the above mentioned problems, you should back straight, so pick a comfortable chair for work. Of course, you should not forget about gymnastics during working hours. By the way, going back home on foot will allow you overclock the stagnant blood and restore the natural position of the spine.

3. Gastrointestinal tract disorders and obesity

While employees of large enterprises have dining rooms and the ability to have a good lunch, small offices do not give such an option.  Not everyone can afford having lunch in nearby cafes, since this is an expensive option. So all you get for lunch is a sandwich and tea or coffee. Even home-made food does not always save the situation, because a healthy lunch should include soup and salad.

As a result, the wrong diet causes a malfunction in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, and in combination with a sedentary lifestyle, leads to overweighting or obesity.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize again that the health of any person, whether it is an office worker or an engineer, depends on how he respects his health. So let’s develop the habit to take care about it. Psychologists claim that we need twenty-one days to develop a habit. And this is nothing compared to the amount of time that a person spends in on work.


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