7 Secret Testosterone Booster For Body Builders


We all know that testosterone is an important hormone. It helps the body function properly. It also causes the loss of body fat and is anabolic in both men and women. There are many testosterone supplements available on the market. They are also considered to be beneficial for healthier and fit body and also plays an important role in bodybuilding. The estrogen levels are more if a person has more fat in their body. It a necessary hormone for the body but an excess of it causes accumulation of fat and also lowers the level of testosterone. This can have a negative impact, especially in men. It is imperative that for someone who is into bodybuilding should maintain their testosterone levels. As we know that testosterone is an extremely important hormone as it can dictate and affect the mood as well as the shape of the person`s body.  In case there is a lack of testosterone, it can cause self-esteem issues, depression, irritability and provoking scenario and several other side effects.

There have been several studies done which have already proved the same. If you are a bodybuilder low levels of testosterone can impact your energy levels and the fat-muscle ratio in the body. The main motive of bodybuilding is to attain overall health, endurance, lose fat, improve sex drive and gain more muscles. One can achieve this through lifestyle changes, diet, and supplements which boost testosterone and promote well being.


It is known that lack of muscle mass may be due to low levels of testosterone in the body. As we get older we tend to slouch and our posture also changes. Due to the age, there can be certain respiratory problems as well due to the weak muscles of the respiratory area.

Let us look at 7 testosterone booster for bodybuilders


1. Eating fat

It is often thought to be against bodybuilding, however, it is critical for bodybuilders to take an appropriate amount of fat to help optimize the natural testosterone production. It has now been recognized as the best way to increase testosterone levels. In a recent study, it was found that diets with a higher amount of monosaturated and saturated fats have shown signs of increased testosterone levels. In a similar study, it was found that men who changed from a high-fat diet to a low-fat diet showed significantly decreased testosterone levels and even lower circulating androgen levels. Some of the examples are Olive oil, almonds, peanut butter, and avocados.


2. Cholesterol

Cholesterol helps in the creation of testosterone. It has already been demonstrated that HDL cholesterol levels and testosterone have a strong relationship. The majority of the testosterone is bound to protein and only a few are available for tissues. Some of the best choices are red meat, egg yolks, and certain seafood as well.


3. Eating Testosterone boosting Ingredients

There are many food items which can help boost the testosterone levels in our body. Testofen or Fenugreek extract is one of them. It is derived from fenugreek and supports testosterone levels, muscle mass and also the sexual drive in men. Certain research has established that using testofen over a period of six weeks can significantly improve the sexual health, satisfaction, and performance in adult men. Another such ingredient is Zinc. It is an essential mineral and plays a critical role in testosterone production.  Most men and women have zinc deficiency due to the lifestyle choices. It is known to suppress testosterone levels in our body, hence deficiency of zinc is not acceptable especially for bodybuilders.


4. Vitamin D

It is one of the most important vitamins and is also important to help maintain the testosterone levels in our body. A recent study has highlighted the relationship of vitamin D and testosterone levels in our body. It is known that people with higher levels of Vitamin D had higher levels of testosterone compared to people with less or deficiency of vitamin D.


5. Duration of workout

The duration of the workout can also influence the testosterone levels. If you exercise regularly and if the workout plans are long and lengthy then it may affect the testosterone levels in a negative way. The total exercise and workout time should be 60 minutes or lesser.


6. Get adequate sleep

Less sleep can also affect our testosterone levels, hence it is important that you get the required hours of sleep every day. It is recommended that you should get at least 7-9 hours of sleep.


7. Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longifoloa Jack

It is a plant found in the tropical rainforest of Indonesia and can increase the production of testosterone in our body. It is also used to boost athletic performance, fat loss and physical strength.


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