Mechanical Analysis of Aerobic Exercise breathing and Breathing Exercise ( Pranayam )


The phenomenon in terms of physical processes of breathing can be briefly said to be in respect of 1) body cell level 2) tissue cell level. Breathing has to be rhythmic & remain steady & upright through out. The outstanding use of breathing is the enrichment of oxygen level in the blood as well as increased level of circulation of enriched blood in the body. Although these benefits may be derived from aerobic exercise but the difference lies in spending energy (catabolic) in aerobics & generating energy in anabolic from breathing ( pranayam ).

Since the pranayam makes the working of the endocrine which eliminate the dangerous health problems as it gives higher oxygen uptake and improved blood circulation.Thus serious diseases such as heart blockages, hypertension, depression, diabetes, depression,Alzheimer disease, Parkinson, insomnia & many other unnamed diseases are ruled out. The following parameters show how both catabolic & anabolic processes work.

Their differences are:
1) In Catabolic processes there is stoppage of further synthesis of protein,fat & carbohydrates & increased breakdown of these for energy mobilisation but in anabolic process this synthesis of protein,fat & carbohydrates is increased & decreased breakdown of these ingredients.
2) In the former there is elevated levels of glucose, free fatty acids, loading of immune system whereas in the later there is increased manufacture of cells for the immune system.
3) In the former there is increased manufacture of RBC & liver enzyme for energy but in the later production of WBC of thymus & bone marrow.
4) In the former there is decreased bone repair & growth whereas it is just the reverse in later that is increased bone repair & growth.
5) In the former there is decreased cells production for the immune system & thymus shrinks & circulation of WBC but in the later case there is increase in cellular, hormonal, & physiological process.
6) In the former increased BP & cardiac output but in the later it smoothens heart rate, lowers BP & optimises output.

7) In the former all is due to Jogging, brisk walk & aerobics whereas it is all because of Pranayam.


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