Crab Walk and Steps to do it…

Walking itself is a great exercise but crab walk is something very different because of its way of walking and it reduces weight and increases endurance much faster. Crab Walk Exercise is little known exercise that uses body weight strength to improve coordination and whole body strength.

The reason it is called Crab Walk is because you look sort of like crab while performing it. Trust me you won’t look funny. Your body is an amazing machine that needs variety for continual growth. Yet many fitness buffs follow the same routine each week leading to poor strength gains.

Break up the monotony by learning to crab walk. This exercise works the back, shoulders, arms, legs and butt for a total body workout. Read on and keep your body guessing. Try it out but consult with your physician before beginning this exercise program.

How to do crab walk:

Here are the steps of doing crab walk.

  •  Find an area of approximate 10 to 15 square feet to begin practicing the general mechanics of the crab walk. Your backyard or basement should be suitable.
  •  Get a feel for the exercise by sitting with your legs spread out in front of you, a shoulder’s width apart and feet flat on the ground. Bring your arms behind you with your palms flat and gently raise yourself off the ground tightening your gluteus muscles. Practice holding this position until it feels comfortable.
  •  Try a few crab walks by getting in the position of hands and feet which are mentioned above. Begin slowly crawling forward starting with your right hand and left foot followed by the left hand and right foot. Once this movement has been mastered it’s time to try out the exercise in a larger area.
  •  Practice the crab walk until you can crawl quickly and fluently. Keep moving (crawling) until you become tired or are unable to maintain proper form. Listen to your body and stop the exercise if you experience any pain.

Why a Crab Walk works:

Crab walk exercise works especially well because while doing it you are placing a great amount of strain on your shoulders as well as on your glutes.


  • For crab walk exercise the most important thing to remember is not let your slump down. Keep it up as you can.
  • Other most important thing to remember is that you breathe slow and steady throughout this routine.
  • Target Repetitions for Muscle Tone/Endurance can be 8-12 reps across the room.

Moving on all fours is great for a lot of reasons…

  •  It can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any equipment.
  • It is an integrative movement, not an isolation movement that can improve strength, endurance, power, balance, coordination, and agility.
  • It can be used for fat loss, muscle building, or general conditioning goals.
  • Crab Walk exercise is a whole body exercise. However this exercise primarily works the glutes and shoulders.


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