What This Pay Zero On World Cup Football 2018 Spotlight


The 21st Football World Cup would be played in Russia starting from 14th June 2018 onwards. This world tournament will have Video Assistant referee (VAR) for the first time.  32 nations are to participate in the world tournament that will last for 32 days. 64 matches would get played, and the final will get played on 15th July 2018. All the games would be played with Telestar -18 chip embedded to the football. Russia has spent Rs 12000 crore for the matches. Mother of All Ball: All the 64 matched played with the ball named  “Telstar-18”.

The FIFA world cup’s partner has designed and is supplying the ball since 1970. In 1970 the TV channels were black and white for the viewer to see. For this, the ball was kept black and white for better visibility for the TV viewers.

“FORWARD SPORTS” is the manufacturer since 1994 from Sialkot, Pakistan. The company is famous worldwide and produces 700000 balls every year.

For the world cup, the Addidas company designed the football since 2014 and 2018 as well. The smartphone would get connected to the ball, and much valuable status info can be obtained. The ball is available for the public and players pretty quickly in the market.


The oldest football known is 450 years old as shown in the picture along with the trophy placed in Glasgow, Scotland Museum. This football was found in the Stirling Castle behind the panelling of the Queen’s chamber. It is considered to have been manufactured in leather since 1540’s decade. Football was played in Scotland since 1497′. It was and Golf was the game 0f  royal families.

Photo Source: Dainik Bhaskar

FIFA maintains that football is the gift of China and about 3000 years old. In those days after winning the war, the heads of opponents were cut and kicked around like football in the game.

– As per historical records, the skulls of humans and animals were stitched with the cloth and animal’s bladder were used to give a rounded shape.

– In Hahn province of China ( about 2250 years old)  the skin of animals was used to make balls and famous for playing the game.

– FIFA recognises China’s Football as a regular game with rules from where it spread around the world.

  • Since the middle age, the bladder and especially that of pig’s bladder got used by covering it with the animals hide to give it a better shape.
  • Since the 19th century, the rubber’s bladder was bounded and covered with hide.

In 1836: The first Rubber football was made by Charles Goodyear in 1836. He used the rubber ball instead of the animal bladder and got it patented.

In 1862:  H J Linden used the rubber bladder filled with air. His wife would blow and fill the animal bladder with air. She fell sick with lung disease after that Linden made bladder of rubber that could be filled with air.

in 1872: RUles got promulgated for the football to be spherical and round with the circumference from 27 to 28 inched ( Or 68.7 to 71.1 centimetres, that is still in force today.




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