Irrovocable Effects of UVB Radiation and its Cure!!!

Irrovocable Effects of UVB Radiation and its Cure!!!

The sun has many ill effects on the health of human beings. This is a known fact but a new study has revealed that the reddish, painful, protective immune response of the skin to the ultraviolet radiation that sun has is a consequence of RNA damage to skin cells on which rays get radiated.

The report published in the Advance Online Publication of Nature Medicine has stated the ways for eventually blocking the process of inflammation and according to the scientist’s findings and by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and elsewhere, have implications for a range of medical conditions and treatments.

Such as diseases like psoriasis are treated by UV light, but a big side effect is that this treatment increases the risk of skin cancer,” according to Richard L. Gallo, principal investigator of the study, said, “our discovery has suggested many ways about the useful effects of UV therapy without exposing the patients to the harmful UV light. As we know some people are very sensitive to the UV light such as patients with lupus. Now, we are trying to find out if we can help them by stopping the pathway to get the beneficial ways.”

as per Gallo, first author Jamie J. Bernard, a post-doctoral researcher, and colleagues if human cells are exposed to the UVB radiation along with a mouse model, then the UvB radiation fractures and tangles the elements of non-coding micro-RNA – a special type of RNA inside the cell that does not directly make proteins. Thus, the irradiated cells release this altered RNA, making other healthy neighboring cells to initiate a process that can result in an inflammatory response wanted to remove sun-damaged cells.

“Thus such an inflammatory response is important to start the process of healing the dead cells after their death,” Gallo said. He also added with it, “We also believe the inflammatory process may clean up cells with genetic damage before they can become cancer. But also, this process is imperfect and with large UV exposure, there is more chances of cells becoming cancerous.”


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