How can mental health counselling help in depression?


Millions of people all over the world suffer from depression. Most of them don’t even recognise that they have this condition which can be treated quite effectively. This article sheds light on how depression occurs and how mental health counselling can help in it.

Everyone feels certain sadness on different occasions. Most of the people grieve over various upsetting events of life and experiences like major illness, problems in the relationship, loss of job, or death in a family. These certain feelings of grief can tend to become less intensive as the time goes on.

Depression occurs when a person is feeling extreme sadness or despair which can last for at least two weeks or maybe longer and if they work with different activities of daily living like working or eating and even sleeping. Depressed people tend to have a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, and they blame themselves for experiencing such feelings. Some of them even think of suicide and death. People are depressed generally gets overwhelmed and even exhausted and also stop participating in different activities altogether. They can essentially withdraw from family and friends.


Changes in the chemistry of the body can influence the mood, as well as thought processes and also the biological factors, contribute to certain cases of depression. Along with this, chronic and even serious illness like cancer or heart disease may come with depression. With a lot of people, depression signals first that certain emotional and mental aspects of the life of the person is out of balance.

Significant transitions, as well as major life stressors like loss of job, divorce, death of a loved one, can help bring the depression. There are other subtle factors which lead to a certain loss of identity as well as self-esteem which can also contribute. The main cause of depression can’t always be seen immediately, so the disorder requires more careful observation as well as a diagnosis by trained and professional mental health counsellor.

Depression can be treated successfully. It is highly treatable when the person receives good and competent care. Mental health counsellors are among the people who are licensed with years of experience in studying depression and also helping the people to recover from it.

There are some stigmas and reluctance which is associated with asking help for mental and emotional problems such as depression. Unfortunately, the depression feeling is often viewed as a weakness sign rather than just a signal of something which is out of balance. The essential fact is that people can’t just snap out of it and then feel better immediately.

Persons suffering from depression who don’t seek any help undergoes suffering needlessly. Unexpressed concerns and feelings are accompanied by a sense of isolation which can worsen the depression. The importance of having a quality mental health counsellor can’t be overemphasised.

Mental health counselling helps people in recovering depression. There are different talk therapies which help depressed people to recover. It offers people the opportunity to easily find the factors which contribute to the depression they have and then help them in dealing effectively with the behavioural, psychological, interpersonal as well as situational causes. Skilled mental health counsellors can work with depressed people to pinpoint the life problems which contribute to their depression and also help them in understanding what aspects of those problems the people can be able to solve or also improve. A trained mental health counsellor can easily help the depressed people identify the options for the future as well as set realistic goals which enable these people to enhance their emotional and mental well-being. The counsellors can also help the people in identifying how they have successfully taken care of similar feelings, in case they have been under depression in the past.

The counsellors also help in identifying the negative as well as distorted thinking patterns which contribute to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness which comes with depression. For instance, a depressed person can tend to overgeneralize everything, to think of different situations in terms of never or always. They may also take certain events quite personally. A trained mental health counsellor can help in developing a more positive outlook on the person.

The counsellors also explore learned thoughts and behaviours which create problems and also contribute to a different aspect of depression. A counsellor can assist the depressed person to understand and improve the patterns of interaction with other people which can cause the depression.

Mental health counsellors can help people regain a sense of pleasure and control in life. They help in making people see choices along with gradually include enjoyable and fulfilling activities with their lives.

The support, as well as the involvement of the friends and family, plays a crucial role in assisting the person suffering from depression. The counselling includes developing a support system which can help the depressed person by encouraging him to stick to treatment and also practise different coping mechanisms as well as problem-solving skills that he learns from mental health counselling.

Living with any depressed person can be quite difficult as well as stressful for the family members as well as the friends. The pain of seeing a person who they love, suffering from depression can bring out feelings of loss and helplessness. Mental health counselling can be beneficial in bringing all the people affected by the depression and assist them in learning effective methods to cope together. This type of counselling can offer a great opportunity to people who have never been depressed themselves to learn more about it and also identify the more constructive ways of supporting the person suffering from depression.

Mental health counsellors can also suggest medications which can be quite important in reducing the depression symptoms in few people especially when the person is in moderate or severe depression. Some mental health counsellors treat depression with the help of counselling and medication especially when the depression is not that severe. There is a requirement of a thorough assessment by a trained mental health counsellor who can make recommendations regarding an effective course of treatment for depression of any person.

You can learn more about how mental health therapy works by clicking on the following link – Counselling Vs Counseling

Depression can seriously affect a person’s ability to function properly in daily situations. But there are different prospects for recovery for these depressed people who look for appropriate mental health counselling. By working with an experienced mental health counsellor, the depressed people can regain control of their lives.


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