Friends and Facebook has a lot of Effects on an Individual’s Health

Our thoughts and thinking gets a lot of effect by the Facebook and friends. They totally hamper the personality and can make a person irritated and annoyed. Thus, influencing our health behavior and can stimulate changes in one’s personality.

As per the new study conducted by university or southern California, public health researchers claims that through communication that’s not virtual that is both face to face and online can really have good effects and can help in improving the health of an individual.

Dr. Thomas W. Valente, Ph.D., Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has said that to curb bad habits and on the other hand to encourage good things like to curb smoking and to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases within a community, we really need to understand the social structure of the group and the dynamics of influence at play at the particular position.

The analysis of Valente said “If I want to go into a high school and change physical activity or other obesity behaviors, I have to understand there are cliques and subgroups of students that exhibit different risks”. Along with this, “I would design different interventions for the different groups.

We constantly are concerned about how ineffective our interventions are, this is a big reason why those interventions are not working. We can do a much better job promoting healthy behaviors if we understand the social network contexts and design these interventions with those cues in mind,” he added.

So, the research by Valente which focuses on social networks and their influence on public health has collected a whole idea of methods to be implied for public health to stimulate changes in behavior of a person and thus , explains why we need certain methods to be more effective than others in particular situations. The whole analysis has set to appeared in the July 6 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Science, the world’s leading outlet for scientific news, commentary and research.


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