The Effective 5 Natural Remedies for Removing the Migraine

In today time with more and more stress causing activities and daily worries has caused many people to get the disease migraine in their life. As per Fox News, even the best of the medicines available on the market do not prove to be effective for 1/3 of migraine sufferers and even stimulate more pain in the head.

So, we need to get directed towards our natural remedies for more assistance and effectiveness rather then the other medication. Luckily, there are a few natural remedies that can be taken for people that are fed up with the traditional headache medications.

We are talking about the five natural remedies here which include natural herbs and vitamins that help cure headaches. But be sure before using these medications that you should not be pregnant and always consult with a doctor…


Butterbur is said to be an effective herb for migraines. However this one is not effective for already started acute migraines. Maximum permissible dose is75 mg twice a day!

Ginger and feverfew

Feverfew is an effective herb for migraine problem. This one has been used for a long time in migraine pain. When mixed with ginger, commonly famous as an anti-nausea herb, it becomes more effective. A pill named as LipiGesic is a combination of these two herbs.

According to a recent research, LipiGesic has got an effective-rate of 63%.This pill starts relief within 2 hours of consumption.

Vitamin B2

Some scientific research reveals that having a sufficient supply of vitamin b2 in your stomach can reduce the number of migraine attacks. Main cause of migraine is some added stress on the nerve cells. These nerve cells feels stressed when there is a lack of energy supply.

Vitamin B2 boosts the energy level inside every nerve cell in human body. Around 400 mg of Vitamin B2 is enough for a human to have prevention against migraines.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most common deficient substances for human body. The reason is not having proper exposure to the sunlight for a long time. What people do is sitting on their couch instead of going out to have some sun bath. A lack of vitamin D simply causes headaches, science says.

However, vitamin D also plays an important role for our pain-perceivance capacity. Generally, around 2000 mg of vitamin D is sufficient for humans.


Magnesium helps in calming the nerves when they are over-activated suffering from a migraine. Researches shows that one of the reasons for migraines is lack of magnesium in human body. If taken daily, magnesium can help in preventing migraines. Amino-acid chelated magnesium or dark green veggies, seeds and nuts are the main available sources for magnesium.


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