This Will Make You See Top On the Web For Quite Some Time – Part 2

Golden Buzzer won by her voice by the thirteen year Girl: 

Courtney Hadwin of County Durham, Britain participated in the prestigious Talent show of America. Jury members asked for experience in the singing. She explained that she got into singing as a habit from her early school days. She got snubbed for this many times.  Soon after the music started, and she completed her song. During her discourse, much before the end, the audience gave a standing ovation, and there were hue and cry for the appreciation. Her Father watched and stood in a corner totally delighted. On completion of the song, the juror surprised all by pressing the Golden buzzer, and the whole of the hall echoed with joyful yells and claps of the spectators. Courtney would enter straight into the NBC show and if her presentation proves to be the best her price will amount to one million US. Dollars.  The video got over 10million views and 137000 likes. Please watch the video through the link given.




French Girl exhibits Freestyle trick for her National team.

The photo has been taken from a video clip uploaded by Liza Jimochae. She demonstrated a practice show of her freestyle ball trick. Her show has been widely seen in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and many other Arab countries, Russia, UK, The USA, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. 28 years old Liza gave her show named the World Football C ‘Agile Trick’ depicting the agility of her feet that is mind-boggling.

Photo courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar



She explained to have seen the Freestyle Football show at the young age of six and got inspired. Today her followers number to over 1.4 million. She dedicated her talent to the World Cup for her French National team and wished that she longed to see the spectators’ love and commitment for the match. Her clip got viewed 52 million times with the likes of 70 thousand in mere 18 hours of uploading the video on Instagram.

Big Companies will disclose the wage difference between the Boss and Workers. 


UK’s big companies will reveal the wages difference between the Big Boss and the workers. The government over there has made a rule because the performance of the companies have deteriorated but the wages of bosses have not decreased proportionately. They draw more than the fall in the companies’ performance level. Until recently the senior executives pay packages were kept secret, but it will not remain so any longer. The rule got made when the shareholders and ordinary people got annoyed and angry for companies like WilliamHill, BP, Shell, WPP, Perseman, Lloyds, and AstraZeneca. The wages of regular employees was low. Now the listed companies will publish the salaries paid for all. That way the transparency will enhance, and efficiency of the Companies will improve. This post drew 70494 trending points, 85% upvoting and 4600 comments the position remains on top.


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