4 Natural Products that Simply Work Better than Store Bought

Natural Products

Even in the world of online shopping, we all have a habit of purchasing certain items at the store just because it’s our expected normal. From makeup to food, once you find a product you like, it only makes sense to continue buying the same exact thing. But wouldn’t it be nice to get more out of the products you buy?

Not only are natural products more effective at what they do, they also come without any risk of health issues. Here are 4 natural products to add to your daily routine.

Natural Products

1. Deodorant

Deodorant isn’t one of those products that you think too much about when buying it, but when you forget to apply it, your whole day is ruined. Deodorant is a must if you want to smell fresh all day long, but is smelling good worth risking your health? Most store-bought deodorants contain all sorts of harmful ingredients that can impact your body inside and out.

For example, aluminum compounds are a common ingredient found in deodorants, especially those that are antiperspirants as well. Not only do these compounds clog your pores, but they also keep you from sweating. This can cause irritation, inflammation, and even an increased risk of hormonal issues. In fact, high aluminum exposure has been inked to interference with estrogen levels, which increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Other harmful chemicals include parabens, propylene glycol, and triclosan. By switching to a natural deodorant, you’ll never have to worry about harmful ingredients that can put your health at risk. Natural deodorants use essential oils, natural clays, and other safe ingredients to keep you fresh throughout the day.

2. Toothbrush

When we’re at the store, choosing a toothbrush isn’t something that most people take into deep consideration. We tend to either stick to the brand we already have or purchase whatever seems to be the best bargain. Some of us just have to purchase replacement heads for our battery-operated toothbrushes.

In any event, what’s lacking from all of these options is the benefit of activated charcoal. While you can brush with activated charcoal to whiten your teeth and freshen up your breath, why not save yourself the hassle by just brushing with a charcoal toothbrush?

The black bristles are not only unique, but they also work some serious magic in your mouth. If you want to have the cleanest mouth ever, this toothbrush will help. The bristles are infused with activated charcoal, an ingredient that’s proven to get rid of stains, discoloration, plaque, bacteria, and bad breath.

3. Skin Care

A proper skin care routine involves more than just a single product. Many people use, at the minimum, a cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator to keep their skin looking and feeling soft, supple, and youthful. Finding the right balance of skin care products takes time, so making a switch may not be an easy decision.

However, the problem with store-bought products is the ingredients. Even top-of-the-line brands use chemicals that have been linked to all sorts of issues. Commonly used harmful ingredients include:

  • BHA
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate

Even if these products have given you the best skin ever, some may be causing internal issues that you don’t know about yet. With natural skin care products, you can feel safe and confident knowing you’re applying only natural and organic ingredients onto your skin.

Remember, your skin is your body’s biggest organ. You only want to use the best of the best, which means going the natural route.

4. Make Up

We all want luscious lips, thick eyelashes, and perfectly concealed skin. But what if all of this came at the cost of your health? Like many other store-bought skin care products, makeup also tends to be full of all sorts of yucky chemicals.

Parabens have been linked to an increased risk of skin cancer and breast cancer and decreased sperm count. Certain parabens like butyl and propyl may disrupt the endocrine system which can lead to developmental and reproductive issues.

Petroleum distillates, which are commonly used in mascara, can cause dermatitis and may contain cancer-causing impurities. To make matters worse, these products are created in the same oil refineries as the oil used in cars or home heating systems.

While it’s scary to think about having to start over in the makeup world, the fact is that natural products are safer. You can apply your makeup with peace of mind, knowing that the ingredients used are entirely safe.


Don’t go another day wasting your money and risking your health with store-bought products. Take a leap of faith and make the switch to natural and organic products. You won’t regret it!

Are there any natural skincare or self-care products that you have found to work just as good or better than normal store brands? Leave a comment with your recommendations in the section below.


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