You See Easy Ways How to Prolong Your Mobile Battery Life

Hereunder are given five tips to maintain and control efficiency of Mobile Battery. If you keep track of the suggestions, both the mobile & the battery will not underperform or spoil within a short period.

  1. Do not charge the mobile 100% as it consumes the battery faster, thus reducing its life.
  2. Charge just up to 80 to 85%. Do not charge the battery for the whole length of the night.
  3. Not using the original charger can lower life and the efficiency of the battery.
  4. Do not charge the battery before 20% charge remaining.
  5. Charging the battery again and again by placing the battery in a warm place enhances the battery spoiling in its output sooner.
  6. Set an exact bedtime.
  7. Do not use Wi-Fi when not required.


Five Ways to stop heating of mobile by using these tips

  1. Don’t let the cover remain in its place for extended periods.
  2. Remove the cover while using Heavy Apps or while charging
  3. Delete those apps that require too much processing power. Such Apps heat up the Battery and the device.
  4. While charging the battery or using heavy apps, it is prudent to remove the cover.

Most of the Smartphones user have to face the battery underperforming and have to discard the cell sooner than the expected lifetime finally.

So better take care of the following points

  1. Shut down the background Apps when not in use.
  2. Some people have the habit to keep the brightness of the screen to the full, that affects the battery consumption. Therefore, it is wise to lower the light intensity to make the screen enough light to see it. Keep the brightness between 50 t0 70%.  Google Play App Store store has many battery management apps that keep consuming battery faster. It is prudent to uninstall such apps so that the battery life is longer.
  3. Do not charge the mobile for the whole of the night.

Do not leave your phone in the sun for an extended period as the heat goes up that is harmful to the longer life of the battery.

  1. While charging Keep the phone on a hard surface and flat.
  2. While charging keep the phone on a table and not on the sofa or a bed or any soft spot.

Some people face the difficulty of the mobile hanging up now and then. Hereunder we tell you the ways to prevent such repeated hangings.

  1. Do not open multiple tabs while using the internet. The processor slows down, and too many RAMs get consumed resulting in the hanging of the mobile.
  2. Keep a bit of Rams vacant. If Ram is full, then do not upload any more additional Apps. If the phone is slow, then close the background App.
  3. Do not keep any animated wallpaper. That directly affects the RAM


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